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Week 8 NFL Score Predictions – Best Game Guide, Fantasy Lookout, More

We're previewing the Week 8 NFL table of results predictions for each game from our nation reporters, which you'll need to keep in mind, Football Power Index projections from ESPN Stats & Information, and more.

Thursday Night Football Result: MIA, HOU
Teams with Byes in Week 8: ATL, DAL, TEN, LAC

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Distribution: PHI -3 | Matchup Quality: 56.0 (out of 100)

Mike DiRocco's Choice: The Jaguars have been outperformed by 90 to 28 in the last three weeks, so there is no reason to Jaguars win for Sunday. Three of their top 4 cornerbacks have been eliminated due to injury (including A.J. Bouye) and they will have three unretracted rookies behind Jalen Ramsey. That's far from ideal for Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz, and denies any benefit the Jaguars had from their familiarity with the logistics of traveling to London. Eagles 21, Jaguars 13



Steve Young worries about Blake Bortles but still believes he can reverse things in Jacksonville.

Tim McManus's Choice: The Eagles had a lighter atmosphere during the week, shaking off the twinge of a fourth-quarter crash against the Panthers. Coach Doug Pederson's message? Play four quarters. That will be the mindset when fighting a Jaguars team that deals with their own problems. Eagles 23, Jaguars 13

FPI earnings projection: PHI, 62.6 percent. Blake Bortles will get a new start, but has to improve his 18.1 Total QBR in the last three weeks and is the second worst of the 31 qualifying quarterbacks in this span. But Bortles is 3-0 with a TD-INT ratio of 8-1 and 68 total QBR in London over the last three seasons. Maybe this is a good opportunity for the battling signaler.

What do you have to pay attention to? Fantasy: Ramsey will likely hold Jeffery at bay, averaging 19.9 points per game. So expect Wentz to find more success for Ertz or the slot receiver Agholor. Read more.

If you've missed it: Jags & # 39; D struggles with "soft" criticism … Jenkins says Kaepernick deserves an NFL job, points to Jaguars … Jaguars believe that the London journey is familiar light edge … For the eagle meaningful occupations

Scattering on points: BAL -2 | Matchup Quality: 75.0 (out of 100)

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Jamison Hensley's Choice: Joe Flacco should feel at home in Charlotte. He is 3-1 in games in NFC South Cities, throws 10 touchdown passes and an interception (a rating of 123.4 passengers). Now he faces a Panthers defense that has allowed 13 finals to fly at least 20 meters (third highest in the NFL). Ravens 28, Panthers 20

David Newton's election: Baltimore was to fight in the running match against an underrated Carolina defense that Philadelphia had captured 58 meters last week. This puts pressure on Flacco and Carolinas front seven begin to throttle the pass. Panthers 21, Ravens 16

FPI earnings projection: BAL, 52.0 percent. The Ravens lead the NFL in the defense scoring (14.4), the total defense (280.6 YPG), the opponent Total QBR (46) and the sacks (27). In the Total QBR era (since 2006), no defense has led the league in all four categories for one season.

What to pay attention to in your imagination: John Brown jumped with a 13 in 13th place 13 103 OFP this season, which fits in well with his 108 actual Fantasy points (15th place). Brown was a bit of a boom or a bust, but he sees enough work to support the remainder of WR2's production. Read more.

If you've missed it: The overlooked Newton is as much of a hit as Brady, Rodgers and Brees … Will Hurst make his breakout game against Panthers? … The defense of the Panthers must not be overlooked as the No. 1 ravens are in the city … Brown's association with Flacco involves the deceased brother

Point Distribution: KC -10 | Matchup Quality: 60.5 (out of 100)

Jeff Legwold's Selection: At three quarters of their first meeting this season, the Broncos pushed the Chief Quarterback Patrick Mahomes extremely well. In the fourth quarter, Mahomes and the Chiefs cleared the Broncos' 10-point lead to claim the win. How effectively Denver puts pressure on Mahomes determines how it works. Miller and Bradley Chubb have received 8.5 bags in the last three games along with three forced fumble. The best chance for the Broncos is that Miller and Chubb contribute to these sums, while the Broncos 'attack makes the ball good enough to keep the Chiefs' attacks on the sideline. Chiefs 30, Broncos 23

Adam Teicher's Choice: The Chiefs defeated the Broncos six times in a row, scoring at least 27 points in each of these games. The Broncos probably need 30 or more points to win – but they will not get there. The Chiefs only allow 17 points per game this season against opponents who are more offensive than the Broncos. Chiefs 34, Broncos 20



Steve Young believes the Broncos only have a chance against the Chiefs if they can pressure Patrick Mahomes.

FPI wins the projection: KC, 78.4 percent. Mahomes leads the NFL in Total QBR this season (84.9) and has 83.0 Total QBR in eight games in his career. This is the highest value in the first eight QB games since QBR started tracking in 2006.

What to keep in mind: Emmanuel Sanders is in third place in fantasy points, but is in 16th place in OFP. Sanders is a good WR2, but currently lies just above his head. Read more.

If you missed it: Did the Chiefs Defense turn a corner? … Keenum has been fighting in Denver "The Man" so far … Hunt gets his reward for the dirty work in the first season … Broncos need more first time runners

Point distribution: DET-3 | Matchup Quality: 50.8 (out of 100)

Brady Henderson's Election: The Seahawks and Lions have come to 3-3 on the same path and have each won three of their last four with the help of the resurgent onslaught Attacks, and none of the standard statistical categories suggests that both have an obvious advantage. However, Football Outsiders' DVOA ratings indicate that the Seahawks are the better team, ranked 10th and Lions 28th. In addition, the Seahawks come by and are as healthy as they are with linebacker K.J. Wright and tight end Ed Dickson wants to debut in 2018. Seahawks 26, Lions 23

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Michael Rothstein's election: The Lions are improving their anti-runway this week by acting for Damon Harrison and meeting the highest demand on the squad. And there could not be a better time to face Seattle and Chris Carson. The man they call snacks makes the difference for Detroit when Kerryon Johnson wins another 100 yards. Lions 24, Seahawks 20

FPI earnings projection: SEA, 57.5 percent. Russell Wilson has a total QBR of 48.5 this season. This would be the worst of his season. He takes to the streets this week to face a Lions team that, according to the FPI, ranks third in the category of defensive efficiency.

What To Look For In Fantasy: Over the past four games, the Seahawks have been from a stingy DvP perspective, but when you look at the opposing opponents (Raiders, Cardinals, Cowboys) and the opponents (Jared Goff and looking at the Rams who have thrown for 313 yards), it looks like Matthew Stafford will continue to roll. Read more.

If you've missed it: Lions agree to set the win-now mode for trading with Harrison … Seahawks await Wright, Dickson back Sunday … Seahawk's DE Clark would be with the Franchise okay day, says agent

Point distribution: PIT -8 | Matchup Quality: 49.5 (out of 100)

Pat McManamon's Pick: Is this the week the Brown's offenses break? Unlikely. The Steelers say goodbye, it's the time of the year they usually get in shape, and they have Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. The Browns have not won at Heinz Field since 2003, and this series does not end on Sunday. Steelers 30, Browns 20

Jeremy Fowlers Election: The Steelers know that they drew the Browns in the first week, but had five turnovers. They want to correct this mistake at Heinz Field, where they won 14 over Cleveland. The Steelers are sluggish in parting, they lost three of their last four after the longer break, but they also have a record of 20: 4 against novice quarterbacks since 2004. Steelers 27, Browns 23

FPI Earnings Forecast: PIT, 88.0 percent. The Steelers are after FPI the biggest favorite of the week with a chance of winning by 88 percent. This is the biggest favorite the Steelers had in a division game in our record (since the start of the 2008 season) and the third-biggest overall.

What To Look For In The Fantasy: The Steelers allow a league-high 7.7 sideline this season. Assuming that the Steelers have no points with points, the Browns must keep up with them, which means a sustained volume for David Njoku. Read more.

If you've missed it: Mayfield after four launches: signs of hope, space to grow … Smith-Schuster project just starting for Steelers … What's behind Roethlisberger's pace? Career Bests … Mayfield: Look at players, not coaches, to remedy the offense

Distribution: CHI – 7.5 | Matchup Quality: 42.7 (out of 100)

With ESPN Chalk, you've covered all of your NFL Week 8 betting needs:

Week 8 Early Show
ATS Leaderboard [19659067] Rich Cimini Selections: This is a difficult point for Sam Darnold, who will manage Quincy Enunwa and Bilal Powell without two key weapons. Darnold, who has a league with 10 interceptions in the league, will face a defense that has 17 takeaways, second only to the NFL. The Jets are also a lousy road team after losing nine of their last 11. Bears 31, Jets 17

The election of Jeff Dickerson: Khalil Mack's right ankle is still a problem, but the defense of Chicago remains in place has a clear advantage over Darnold. It is the first in the NFL with 11 interceptions. On the other hand, Darnold is represented in the last week against the Vikings with three hits. The Bears are far from perfect in the attack, but as long as they clear their mistakes in special teams, Chicago drives the outstanding overall talent to victory. Bears 29, Jets 24

FPI earnings projection: CHI, 76.2 percent. The best total QBR of the last four weeks in the NFL belongs to none other than Mitchell Trubisky, who has a value of 87.1 during this period. But it might be hard for him to defend himself against a Jets defense that achieves third place overall in the NFL in the Total Nbr (49.7) this season.

What To Look For In Fantasy: Three fantastic games in a row made Tarik Cohen a safe RB2. Read more.

If you've missed it: Darnold's growth could be curbed by the increasing jets' injuries … Bears want to get off the NFC North Cellar against jets and jets that explore the wide receiver market, however it is buyer caution

Distribution of points: CIN -4 | Matchup Quality: 38.1 (out of 100)

Jenna Laines Choice: Andy Dalton and the Bengals have an average of over 26 points per game and have a multi-dimensional attack. The Bucs will miss two starters in their secondary and Pro Bowl Middle linebacker Kwon Alexander and possibly Gerald McCoy and Vinny Curry for another week. In addition, the Bucs attacked the ball four times against the Browns last week. It is hard to imagine that the Bengals made a below-average effort after being destroyed by the Chiefs last week. Bengals 29, Buccaneers 27

Katherine Terrell's Choice: The Bengals clearly have their problems, but they are not as bad as the team that was blown up by the Chiefs on Sunday night. The Bengals have a long injury record and the Buccaneers have a good offense so it will probably be a high-stakes game. The insult to the Bengals, however, should be able to recover at home in a so-called "voucher week". Bengals 33, Buccaneers 27

FPI earnings projection: CIN, 65.0 percent. This game could have many insults. According to FPI, both teams are in the Top 10 and Defensive Efficiency in the 10th league in Offensive Efficiency, and both teams are in the top 10 in the total Total QBR.

What to look for in fantasy: If Ronald Jones can earn double-digit points against a soft front in this competition. He can build on the encouraging excursion of the last week. Read more.

If you've missed it: Several factors that stifle Buc's & # 39; running game … Winston needs to reduce Buc's sales to thrive … Bengals wants to rebuild itself after ugly defeat against Chiefs [19459003

Point Distribution: WSH-1 | Match Quality: 33.0 (out of 100)

John Keim's Choice: The Redskins have driven Christian McCaffrey and Ezekiel Elliott together to 54 meters in the past two weeks. They are well equipped to master the Giants and Saquon Barkley running game. The key is to stop Barkley in the Giants' three-receiver packages, as he's averaging 5.13 yards per bag on this look. The Redskins take care of the ball and let teams assemble long rides. Redskins 21, Giants 17

Jordan Raanan's Choice: The Redskins are among the top seven in the defense scoring (20.2 points per game) and overall defense. It is hard to imagine that the Giants will carry out an attack of 19.6 points per game, which makes much more against Washington on Sunday afternoon. They are still struggling to sustain sustained attacks, and nothing will change. It also does not help that their defense has lost two starters. Redskins 20, Giants 16

FPI earnings projection: NYG, 57.9 percent. The 1-6 Giants are favored by FPI to win this game. This is not often said during the rest of the season. After this game, the Giants are only won twice by FPI.

What To Look For In Fantasy: Adrian Peterson has also absorbed enough scoring opportunities to have RB1 potential this week in nine of the team's 15 rush attempts in goal-to-go situations. Read more.

If you've missed it: Redskins have a formula that can work in the tight NFC East … Giants are busy putting together many picks in 2019 Drafts

Point Propagation: IND-3 | Matchup Quality: 32.3 (out of 100)

Mike Wells's Choice: The last time the Colts were in Oakland – on Christmas Eve 2016 – were the Raiders as one of the Best viewed teams in the AFC before Derek Carr broke a leg. It has not been like that since the Raiders. They are only 7-17 years old and have dropped off linebacker Khalil Mack and receiver Amari Cooper, two key pieces for the franchise. The Colts make their best performances of the season, and quarterback Andrew Luck is in the league's second ranking list with 20 in first place. Colts 34, Raiders 16

Paul Gutierrez's election: The shock of Cooper's Raiders trade in the Cowboys has not yet diminished in Oakland. With just eight drafts outlined by General Manager Reggie McKenzies 50 in front of Jon Gruden on the 53-man squad, players look over their shoulder. This is not a good recipe against a Colts team that reborn with a healthy fortune in quarterback. Yes, the natives in the black hole are restless and confused and angry after Sunday. Colts 27, Raiders 13

FPI earnings projection: OAK, 50.9 percent. The Raiders are easy favorites at home, but are among the only two teams (49ers) in the bottom 10 of the offensive (10th worst) and the defensive efficiency (fourth to last) this season, said FPI. After losing Marshawn Lynch to injury and trading with Cooper, they may become the only team in the last five of them.

What to keep in mind: Jordy Nelson had already completed three top 25 fantasy weeks with Cooper The picture and the numbers see a target share of 18-20 percent. Think of him as a fringe WR3 against the Colts in Week 8 and beyond. Read more.

If you missed it: Where will the Raiders play in 2019, and why is nobody freaking? … Empire proves he's the right man for Colts … Cooper trading for first-rounders too good to be abandoned … Happiness is back healthy and determined to stay that way

Point Propagation: LAR -9.5 | Matchup quality: 69.0 (out of 100)

Rob Demovsky's election: Mike McCarthy is 9: 3 a week, including a 9-2 with Aaron Rodgers as the starter. Even if Rodgers does not drop the brace he's been wearing since his knee injury in Week 1, he'll rest with a week off. This is the kind of shootout game that Rodgers may enjoy when it comes to winning the games he has won this season. He was never a bigger outsider in his career as a starter, which would make him one of his bigger hits. Packers 41, Rams 38

Lindsey Thirys Choice: The Rams have their best defensive performance behind four takeaways and seven sacks against the 49ers and just in time for a rasterized Rodgers behind them and the Packers. The double MVP is crucial, and Marcus Peters pointed to the defenders' ability to cover their man for more than three seconds. Rams 32, Packers 28



Steve Young hopes that the rumpled Aaron Rodgers is healthier and is supported by a run to defeat the Rams.

FPI wins the projection: LAR, 79.8 percent. The Rams are, according to FPI, the overwhelming favorite in this game, a very rare event for anyone competing against the Packers. FPI gives the Rams an 80% chance of winning – only once in our record (since the start of the 2008 season) was a team a bigger favorite over the Packers. That was the Steelers in Week 12 of last season when the packers Brett Hundley had at QB.

What You Should Look For In The Fantasy: After weeks of battling injury, widespread and Geronimo Allison, a recently-adopted, wide receiver, is an important streaming destination for this matchup with a secondary Rams secondary stage her reputation has not been fair Read more.

If you've missed it: Put Goff in the MVP Race … Packers are looking forward to Shield's return … Woods could be the most valuable Rams recipient … Packers, who is now priced for Ted pay Thompson's last three designs

Distribution of Points: ARI -1 | Matchup Quality: 3.5 (out of 100)

Nick Wagoner's Choice: The 49ers had lost to the same Arizona team at home three weeks ago in a game they lost statistically dominated, but the cardinals handed over five sales. The difference in sales is still the Niners biggest problem since Jimmy Garoppolo lost the season. The Cardinals say goodbye to a new offensive coordinator, but the Niners are unlikely to repeat it five times, and should be able to persuade Josh Rosen to make one or two souvenirs to end their seven games against Arizona. 49ers 24, Cardinals 20

The election of Josh Weinfuss: The cardinal suspicion is about to change, and it could knock a team out of action. Byron Leftwich takes over the offensive coordinator after Mike McCoy's firing, which means more of David Johnson in the game plan. If there is a game where the Cardinals can cause an offensive blast to someone, it is this because the Niners are unable to determine the tendencies of Leftwich. Cardinals 28, Niners 17

FPI earnings projection: SF, 55.2 percent. According to FPI, this game between two 1-6 teams has a big influence on the race for the No. 1 overall. The cardinals are the overwhelming favorite for the top selection (55 percent chance) and would increase their chances to 71 percent with a loss. A cardinal victory would make things interesting, lowering them to 35 percent and raising the 49s to 25 percent.

What To Look For In The Fantasy: Those who encounter the starters for the Niners – Matt Breida or Raheem – should be successful against a Cardinals team that has allowed an RB to run at least 90 yards and to rush to a TD four times in just seven games. Read more.

If you've missed it: Cardinals & Jones knows that he will not win DPOY … Until 49ers turn around, the losses will continue … Why Rosen Rosen OC Leftwich will hear [19459003

Scattering on points: NO -1 | Matchup Quality: 72.9 (out of 100)

Mike Triplett's Choice: It's hard to choose against the saints, because even if they start slowly, they're so strong. According to ESPN Stats & Info, their 88 fourth-quarter / overtime points this year are the highest in the first six games of a season since 2002, just back from a 17-7 deficit in Baltimore over the past quarter. Nevertheless, the winning streak of the Saints with five games will eventually end. Vikings 27, Saints 24

The election of Courtney Cronin: If the Vikings want to achieve their third consecutive victory over the Saints, they must beat the king of the Fourth Quarter comeback. Drew Brees. With Xavier Rhodes status for the Sunday game in question, the Vikings may have to rely on Rookie Cornerback Holton Hill to start in his place. But in the end, Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen and the defensive dominance win on the third descent. Vikings 31, Saints 28

FPI earnings projection: MIN, 56.0 percent. Can the defense of the Vikings slow down the attacks of the saints? Minnesota has the best defense efficiency at 88.2 this summer (on a scale of 0 to 100). Interestingly enough, the offensive power of saints on the street (80.7) is slightly higher than at home (74.9) this season.

What To Look For In Fantasy: Thielen was targeted on 30 percent of his routes, leaving only Julio Jones (33 percent) behind for the highest ranked league. Read more.

If you've missed it: Sean Payton's New Toy: A "Thor-terback" … grips, takes "full responsibility" for the actions … The Saints go with Apple Trade. .. Viking's decision to retain Murray pays off


Distribution: NE -13 , 5 | Matchup Quality: 34.2 (out of 100)

Mike Reiss's Choice: The Patriots have not played a game this season without a turnover, and this is the best Hope of banknotes similar to Minnesota earlier this season. In the end, the Patriots' offensive firepower should be sufficient against a suppressive attack by Bill in a game closer to what many expect. Patriots 30, Bills 20

The election of Mike Rodak: The Bills' attack has scored more than 20 points in just one game this season, while the Patriots scored less than 20 points have once. It will either require an outlier performance from one of these units, or from Buffalo's defense or special teams, so that the bills can trigger a surprise. Apart from a snapshot on Andrew Luck last Sunday, which went to safety, neither the defense of the Bills nor special teams have achieved this season. Patriots 34, Bills 17

FPI earnings projection: NE, 83.4 percent. The Bills have an overall QBR of 23.8 this season, which is by far the lowest in the league. Since QBR's first tracking in 2006, only five teams recorded a lower overall QBR in one season and none since 2012.

What to keep in mind: Tre # Davious White is 97 percent aligned This is the time when Josh Gordon was on 92 percent of his tracks this season. Gordon was to be downgraded to WR3 territory. Read more.

If you've missed it: Belichick, Pats always endure it at NFL's Dealing Dead … In Thurman Thomas's days, Bills Patriots were totally different … As the Pats have mastered AFC East

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