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Weeks after the murder of Nipsey Hussle, many questions remain unanswered

As is often the case, the answer is difficult to answer as an investigation into the killing of the 33-year-old rapper continues. The police have refused to divulge certain details that they claim could influence the outcome of the trial of his alleged murderer.

Those who grew up in the Crenshaw District and loved Nipsey and made a central theme in their musical and business activities have questions – especially among them, why the woman who drove the rapper's alleged murderer is free remains and why the men shot dead next to Nipsey were arrested.

Why was a shooting victim arrested?

Eight days after Nipsey and two other men were shot in front of the rapper's The Marathon clothing store in the Hyde Park neighborhood, police arrested one of the other shooting victims, Kerry Lathan.

The 56-year-old was released on probation seven months ago after spending about 25 years for murder. He was tried on Thursday to file an application for revocation, which generally involves an attempt to revoke a person's probation or parole. His case was dismissed, a court spokeswoman said, but the reason for his arrest and release was still unclear.

The Los Angeles Police Department referred questions about Lathan's arrest to the California Justice and Justice Authority. The spokesman told CNN that the LAPD had instructed the department not to release any information about Lathan, including the reason for his arrest. The court spokeswoman said she could not talk in detail about why he was arrested.

On Friday, CDCR spokesman Jeffrey Callison confirmed that Lathan had been charged with violating the probation service. However, after reviewing the incident, the department found that it was a "technical breach" and requested that the revocation be refused.

CNN member KABC and Lathan himself reported that he was arrested for associating with a gang member. This gang member was Nipsey Hussle, a member of the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips.

Communal activists were upset that the victim shot was arrested on such a claim as mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD boss Michel Moore and LAPD commissioner Steve Soboroff praised Nipsey's efforts to reduce gang violence.

Lathan said in an interview with VladTV that initially he had trouble finding answers as to why he was arrested, but eventually he was told that it was because he was accused of collaborating with members of the gang and demanded to ask him, "Now you want to put me back in jail for getting in touch with a gang member who is really a voice of peace?"

Lathan, who has been wheelchair-bound since his shooting, said "He does not know Nipsey well, but the rappers had helped him with new clothes in the past, and he talked to him about a new shirt on March 31

, the day he was killed, before he became a friend's family visited whose father had died. Filming took place a few minutes later, Lathan told VladTV. He described the other man injured in the shooting as his nephew.

Lauren Noriega, representing Lathan, could not be reached for comment immediately on Sunday, but she told KABC that her client's contact with Nipsey was accidental.

What happens to the exodus driver?

Moore told reporters after the shootout that suspect Eric Holder had shot Nipsey and the other two men before he jumped into a waiting car driven by an assailant unidentified woman

Citing ABC News told CNN subsidiary KABC that the woman had logged off, talked to detectives and was allowed to leave. She claimed that she did not know what had happened during the shooting, KABC reported.

  Nipsey Hussle welcomes children during a community event in Los Angeles in October.

She was neither arrested nor publicly identified, the station reported.

Snoop, Obama and Stevie Wonder honorary rappers at the funeral
Community leaders are demanding their arrest for days after the shooting, CNN's partner KSWB reported, and activist Najee Ali repeatedly said that she must be held responsible.
"This woman lies by her teeth. She is the escape driver in the murder of Nipsey Hussle. The only reason she turned two days later is that her face and face were plastered all over the social media, "he told KABC.

Tweeted after news of Lathan's release from prison on Saturday Ali: "Mission accomplished. Now we need the escapee who was arrested in Nipsey's murder. "

Why was the rapper killed?

The police hinted that the shooting was not accidental, it was still Holder and Nipsey knew each other, and the suspect turned to the rapper several times that Sunday afternoon, Moore told reporters.

At their last meeting, the boss said Holder returned with a handgun and shot "intentionally and repeatedly" at Nipsey, Lathan, and the other man.

Despite Niley's gang affiliation and the claim that Holder is also a member of the gang, Moore said the quarrel between the men was not band-dependent to name the gang Holder believes

The surveillance video from the parking lot Nipsey was shot at showed the rapper casually interacting with three other males In front of the marathon shop, a dark-clothed figure approached them and scattered them all.

come far you fall to the ground. One of them, wearing a white hat and a white shirt, tries to get up again, but immediately collapses, and the video that has no sound is displayed.

Why did not Nipsey have any security?

It seems Nipsey knew there were people who wanted to do him harm. Hours before he was killed, he tweeted, "Having strong enemies is a blessing." It was not clear who or what he was referring to.

A few days before he was killed, Nipsey was in Inglewood to make a video for a song he played with DJ Khaled and John Legend, according to the social media contributions of the Entertainers. According to TMZ, the production crew for the video were so concerned about Nipsey's safety that ten armed police officers were available. Again no one has explained why.

Given the circumstances, many people have wondered why Nipsey was in the The Marathon store without security.

His longtime bodyguard joined Instagram two days after Nipsey's death to say he was leaving the job.

Nipsey and Lauren London's Hip-Hop Fairy Tale
"I've made the babies and L forever. This year I'm retiring from the bodyguard, I love you, HUSSLE THA GREAT," he wrote, referring to Nipsey's longtime girlfriend Lauren London.

What's next in the investigation?

It remains unclear whether Holder (29) is the only person arrested in connection with Nipsey's killing. He is charged with murder, two cases of attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a criminal.

He is being held on bail totaling $ 5 million and is scheduled to return to court on May 10.

Tributes flow from street gangs and police

CNN's attempts to reach Holder's first lawyer were unsuccessful. According to local reports, he is now being interviewed by Christopher Darden, a prosecutor in O.J. Simpson case.

Darden filed a non-culpable plea on behalf of his client earlier this month, CNN subsidiary KCAL reported. Holder, reportedly receiving threats since the shooting, was brought to trial on April 5 under heavy guard. Darden declined to answer questions about the case or its reluctance, KCAL reported.

Stella Chan of CNN contributed to this report.

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