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Welcome to Gay Hell, Michigan, where only pride flags fly

Daniel acquired Hell, Michigan for Pride Month and took the opportunity to rename the city in Gay Hell.

Gay Hell, about 32 km northwest of Ann Arbor, has been sold for years. Daniel says he can not divulge how much he has paid to be mayor for two weeks as he is about to buy the city permanently.

In 2017, Daniel was also Mayor of Hell, banishing heterosexual people in the city as a feat.

This time it's not as much a feat as his way of making a statement. Daniel says the new purchase is: "Involve my audience in politics in a fun way."

Daniel is from Michigan and says he always drove past the city when he grew up. He also grew up "very religious" and was told a lot about being gay when going to hell, Daniel said.

So Daniel thought that gay hell would be perfect in a rural, religious area.

  Youtuber Elijah Daniel with John, who rules hell.

"I'm from Michigan only, and every time we drove past this town, oh hell, I just thought it would be fun to turn it into Gay Hell," Daniel said of his decision to rename the city.

The reaction was very mixed, as Daniel admits, with some people who love her and others very little.

"It was pretty good for my fans," Daniel explained. "Many angry Trump fans, but that's nothing new to me." He hopes for an annual festival to welcome more people to Gay Hell.

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