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Welcome to the Hollywood Week – Diversity

"This week we separate the singers from the superstars," said "American Idol" Judge Luke Bryan in a dramatic voiceover. He was not kidding. Now that the audition is completed, 169 gold tickets will be reduced to 24 swinging candidates, while the contest, which was renewed and restarted on ABC, will be continued with Hollywood Week. And so there was no more fitting soundtrack than Demi Lovato's "Confident" to welcome the candidates and wish them luck.

The first round of the finalists included four incredible talents, including Layla Spring's teens, who included an acoustic version of "Last Kiss" and Alyssa Raghu, "Wind Beneath My Wings" with their a capella Dedicated to the interpretation of the Bette Midler classic. Country was also well represented when goat farmer Trevor McBane cut an eye-catching figure in black and Caleb Lee Hutchinson was charmed by his good-natured attitude and easily gained access to the next round.

"I would be barefoot when I was on this stage," Katy Perry said when Alpaca fan Noah Davis and brothers Milo and Julian Sposato had broken their hearts when only Milo was chosen.

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