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Well, we could solve big tech, but only if we really wanted it or something

FTC chairman Joe Simons.
Photo: Jose Luis Magana (AP)

Federal Trade Commission chairman Joe Simons confirmed in an interview Tuesday that perhaps Reuters and Bloomberg reports could be a result of an FTC taskforce investigation addressing the issue of whether technology giants have violated competition laws will cause them to break into smaller companies.

Facebook fans are not likely to be trembling in their boots. Simons – who may have tied his hands because his agency's extensive review of the technology sector is underway, but whose agency has been accused of coddling Facebook in a recent privacy agreement – more or less conceded that this was technically in place Power stood firm breakdowns.

"If you must, do it," said Simons Bloomberg. "It's not ideal because it's very messy, but if you have to, you have to."

As Bloomberg noted, the FTC working group seemed particularly interested in whether Facebook secured its current form as a global monster, By buying out subsidiaries such as Instagram and WhatsApp for the sole purpose of eliminating the competition, the Department of Justice has launched its own antitrust investigation into the technology sector, which appears to overlap with the FTC, although Simons contained few details on agency coordination.

Same company at the same time, but only for different behavior, "said Simons Bloomberg.

However, he reiterated to Bloomberg that the adoption of Instagram by Facebook in 2012 is now a particularly open question for the FTC:

Simons Didn details of the Facebook investigation, which details the company As of July, it was not confirmed when it was announced that the FTC had launched a major multi-business investigation – social media, digital advertising and mobile applications. Any investigation of past acquisitions would focus on what would have happened to these companies if they had not been purchased by Facebook, Simons said.

"There is a question why Instagram was as successful as it is," Simons said. "Was it the fact that the seed was already there and it would germinate, no matter what was or was the seed sprouted because Facebook had acquired it?"

The consolidation of the technology sector in recent years and the growing hostility towards companies like Apparently, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google in DC have put the issue of scale and competition at the center, and the two leading Democratic presidential candidates, such as Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump has called on regulators to intervene With Trump, the trouble is clearly more to do with conspiratorial and baseless allegations that tech companies secretly support Democrats than with … any other related motive.) But there's reason to be skeptical about this everything is just talk or not FTC and DOJ investigations will lead to a collapse in the foreseeable future.

As The Verge noted, the increasing repercussion on tech consolidation is following a long period of competition when ition and antitrust watchdogs basically did not do anything about it – and the pendulum is just swinging back in the other direction. In June, New Street Research analyst Blair Levin said that "it will probably take at least a year and a half to see concrete action and coherent thinking," meaning the next presidential government.


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