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Wen Hannah G. hopes to meet at the beach

Hannah G. had a heart-wrenching journey in Colton's season The Bachelor . Ever since she got the first impression of Rose, Hannah believed in her and Colton was sure. That is, until he knocked on her door in Portugal to part with her and hunt Cassie.

During the live finale, Hannah asked Chris Harrison and the audience how hard her heartache was. Fortunately for her, on stage she had the opportunity to ask Colton a few questions and finally close something.

  Colton and Hannah G. | Rick Rowell on Getty Images
Colton and Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

Will Hannah G. on & # 39; Bachelor in Paradise & # 39; his?

Since Hannah B. was announced as . The Bachelorette was inspired by the prospect of Hannah G. is the star of paradise .

In a recent Extra TV interview, Hannah G. was asked if she would continue her Bachelor in Paradise


"I would be open to that," she said timidly. "I love the beach and I love the love. I heard you both can find these things there. It is possible, you never know.

Who would like to see Hannah G. in Paradise

? The interviewer then asked whom she would like to see in Paradise .

"I think Blake is a catch. So I would like to see him there, "she said after a moment of reflection. "I had to hang out with him to find out if that would work and everything. Perhaps Paradise would be a place to meet. Who knows. But I also want to be super open minded and just take my courage.

Blake Hortsmann was second in Becca Kufrin's season The Bachelorette . He is smart, sensitive and has broken his heart on national TV – everything they already have in common!

Then, in an interview with Us Weekly, she reiterated Blake's name when she was asked if there was anyone else whom she wanted to meet in the Paradise .

"I think Blake is a sweet man," she said.

After which Hannah G. in & # 39; Paradise & # 39;

Hannah G. is looking forward to telling us that she is looking forward to having a mutual relationship this time around.

"I know that I have personally experienced great feelings throughout this experience. I think I would definitely be open to feelings, but hopefully it would be a two-way street situation, rather than just one-way, "she said.

She added that she is looking for someone who is "humble, open-minded, hardworking and caring". Sounds like Blake qualities for us!

Will Blake be on "Bachelor in Paradise"?

Blake Commuted to Us Weekly The Graduation Party of the Bachelor that there is a fair chance that viewers can see him in the Paradise. .

"I am always interested in dating and never know when the love of your life will flow into your life. So I'm definitely open to all that, "said the 29-year-old Colorado American. "If I'm single, I'll probably be on Paradise ."

"Bachelor" fans really want Hannah G. and Blake to come together

Even before was discussed Paradise had been sent to undergraduate nation Hannah G. and Blake.

When the fans found out they might go to the Paradise they could hardly believe it.

All we have to do is wait until the summer to see if there is a connection between America's sweetest rap star and the well-spoken, sensitive gentleman.

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