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Wendy Williams & # 39; new man insists he does not care about the gold digger life …

Wendy Williams & # 39; new man wants to make everyone understand that he does NOT view her as his sweetmama, and the love he has for her is real … or something.

Marc Tomblin The man Wendy has been hanging out with in recent weeks is allegedly "not the type who would let a woman look after him financially," sources close to him report. Uh-huh.

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TMZ talked to people who reportedly know about Tomblin and, through his new relationship with TV talk show queen Quellen, claim that "the only reason he kills Wendy is that she turns herself down to please each other in society ".

Apparently, Tomblin has "not asked Williams for a penny" since they got together, and he has no plans to do so in the future but has no word on whether he would accept financial gifts if given unsolicited would. In addition, Tomblin apparently tells friends that the NYC shopping spree the couple has recently made was balanced ̵

1; both he and Wendy bought their own stuff rather than just relying on their bank account.

Unsurprisingly, Marc seems to have become quite calm A bit of heat from people who think he has some sneaky motives about Wendy, and he was supposedly blocking them on social media and people like him to cut these out of his life. Presumably, this is only part of the price you have to pay if you go out with a public figure – and then yourself become a public figure!

According to sources, she still has concerns about not calling Tomblin her boyfriend – she's more interested in just making it clear that she is not so serious, and she's having a lot of fun with him. Still, she has held him much longer in her life in NYC than most people expected. Maybe there will be something here in the future?

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Wendy's show will air again in three weeks' time. There is no question that she will enjoy this little break, and when the latest actions hint at it, Tomblin seems to be with her. You know, only a non-friend and a non-girlfriend spend their time as two individuals, but um, make it together. Ha !!!

What do you think about this burgeoning new relationship, Perezcious readers ?! Do you think Tomblin is there for the right reasons, or is he a gold digger with a plan? Sound out for everything that has to do with Wendy (see below) !!!

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