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Wendy Williams refuses to remain calm about Kevin Hunter's lover

Talk show host Wendy Williams recently confirmed that she had requested divorce from her husband for more than 20 years after it became known that he had a relationship with another woman. Although Williams has just filed for divorce last month, it looks like they're getting angry.

Throughout the entire time, the former radio presenter has kept her cool and taken the higher path, even though she has applied for a proper divorce. But how did she shadow only Kevin Jäger's mistress?

Wendy Williams has always been open about her private life

  Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams says nothing about Kevin Hunter's lover | Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

It's hard to ignore the gossip about Wendy Williams lately. The 54-year-old has been a hot topic in recent months. Williams jumped into the limelight for the first time when she admitted during her talk show that she lived in a sober house. From then on, the coverage became more aggressive and the stories were downright heartbreaking.

Earlier this year, news agencies reported that talk show host Husband Kevin Hunter had an affair with a younger woman. Within a few weeks, the same woman gave birth to a little girl. The news of the child's birth turned Williams into a downward spiral and she landed in the hospital after being found drunk the same day her husband's lover was born.

Williams was not shy about her private life. Apart from sharing her personal struggles with drugs and alcohol, she does not hide her family drama from her audience and even jokes that it's kind of weird that she's been discussing hot topics all the time and is now hot topic.

Divorce already promises to be chaotic

It seemed that things were amicable between the two after Hunter published a public statement on his actions, stating that he had full responsibility for taken his actions and apologized to him wife. But now there seems to be no time to beat the disgraced TV manager.

As if it was not bad enough that he had a ten-year affair with another woman and after all this testimony witnessed a child with this woman, Hunter seems to want to pour salt into the wound. Hunter Williams reportedly asked for support and maintenance and asked her to pay for her son's college Kevin Hunter Jr. He also asked Williams to pay his legal fees.

Has Williams tacitly discredited Hunter and his lover?

Although Williams talked about her own life, she did not speak publicly about Hunter's lover, Sharina Hudson. However, it is fair to say that a recent segment in their talk show was directed to Hudson.

In a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show Williams talked about a recent appearance of NBA star Steph Curry's wife made in the show by Jada Pinkett Smith, Red Table Talk. During the show, Curry's wife addressed the problem she faces with random women approaching and over-aggressive with her husband. She said the women were essentially pushing her aside and telling her that she had "signed up for it."

Williams took the opportunity to call all the women who participated in a married man and said, "There are many women without regard to marriage. She paused, glancing sideways at her audience, before adding, "Do you know what I'm saying? Many women who know that your husband is married and have the nerve to be right under him, right under your nose. "

There was little doubt that Williams Hudson exclaimed. The presenter of the talk show smiled at her audience, whirling their hair and saying, "You know what I'm talking about." The camera panned the audience and crew members, and it was clear they were all on the same page.

But Williams was not finished. Later, as she packed the segment, she added, "For you lonely girls who can not keep their hands off other people's men, there's a hot spot in hell for you." Sure, Williams was not exactly her subtle Remarks. But can you blame her at this point?

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