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Wendy Williams seen with her husband after his alleged mistress gave birth

  Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

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Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter show a united front.

The television presenter and her husband stepped out together in New York City on Wednesday afternoon. In her surprise joint outing, Wendy was once again seen wearing her wedding ring days after she was seen without the massive diamond.

Their joint demise is a shock given the rumors that Kevin's alleged lover Sharina Hudson had welcomed a baby on March 24. E! News confirms that Hudson was released from a hospital in Philadelphia, but it is not clear if Kevin fathered the newborn. Neither Hudson nor Hunter have dealt with the alleged infidelity or paternity of the baby.

It appears that Williams will continue to be her husband, even though Love B Scott has confirmed the arrival of the baby. In an earlier statement on her show, Wendy told the audience, "Anyone who has been married for 5 or 500 years knows that marriages are ebb, marriages are not easy, do not ask me for me until you see that [ring] and there is nowhere to go ̵

1; not in this life. "

Williams later said she was" still very much in love "with her husband.

As this drama unfolds, Wendy continues to struggle with her addiction problems. The TV personality recently revealed that after a two-month break on the show, she lives in a sober residential building. According to the star, her daily routine consists of Pilates, work and time with "a bunch of smelly guys who have become my family" in the sober house. "They swing the TV and watch football, we talk and read and talk and read and then I get bored with them, doors closed at 10 pm, lights until 10 pm so I go into my room and I stare at them Blanket and I go to sleep to wake up and come back to see you, "she said in tears. "So that's my truth."

She also said that until recently "no one" knew about her new home, not even her parents. Only Hunter and her 19-year-old son Kevin Hunter Jr. were aware of their living situation.

"And, um … If you – I know, you either call me crazy or the bravest woman you know I do not care If you or someone you know – Our Hunter Foundation is only last Week, "she informed the audience. "We have already successfully placed 56 people in recreation centers around the world, not just in the country, there is a 24-hour hotline seven days a week. Call 888-5HUNTER (888-548-6837)."

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