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Western finals 'dream come true' for Curry family

DENVER – Curry and Sonya Curry emerged from the restaurant at the Pepsi Center and shouted joyfully at Seth Curry.

The Portland Trail Blazers' 100-96 victory victory over the Denver Nuggets Game 7, setting up a Western Conference finals that will be a curry family affair.

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Seth Curry wants to face Stephen Curry for the NBA finals when the Blazers play the Golden State Warriors starting Tuesday in Oakland. It's the first time in NBA history that two brothers want to play each other in a conference finals or NBA finals, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

"It's a dream come true for both of us," Seth Curry said. "Obviously, it's the first time it's been done."

Seth says he has played against his brother only in. "It's going to be a lot of fun for our families to be in the building." the NBA. Steph is 7-2 in the nine meetings,

"It's going to be so much fun," Sonya Curry told ESPN. We never could imagine this. "

" One of them might go home. But we're going to the championship! "

Either Steph wants to go for his third straight championship or Seth wants to be first for his title … Seth says the experience could be stressful for their mom, however.

"I know my mom is a little stressed out," he said. "My dad, he's always calm. But my mom is stressed out, and you might be ready to hear. She's probably happy right now, enjoying the moment for both of us. She can look at the bright side: One of us is at the end of the day. So there's no losers. "

Dell and Sonya Curry have been touring Oakland for the first time in their five seasons, and their parents have come to Oakland, Portland, Los Angeles, Houston and Denver Dell Curry says the only games they missed were road games at Oklahoma City and Game 1

between the Blazers and Nuggets in Denver.

"It's going to be fun," he told ESPN. " It's going to read our travel schedule. That's the biggest thing. We've been traveling quite a bit. It's been fun, it's been getting tiresome, but it's about getting ready to go now. "

" It's a first experience for all of us, "he adds. 19659014] "We are flipping a coin every game," she said.

So she said she will not try to stress out Seth in his first postseason.

"It's fun," she said, calling this a blessing "It is really. I actually look forward to watching Seth and doing that. I want him to steal the ball. Stephen and all that good stuff.

"It's cool, it's just a blessing to watch this and all this."

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