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Western Nile virus-bearing mosquitoes found in Santa Clara County

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA – Parts of Sunnyvale and Santa Clara are being treated for mosquitoes after the Santa Clara County Control District confirmed the presence of the West Nile virus in mosquitoes in specific postcode areas in the two cities. Adult mosquitoes collected from parts of postcode areas 94085, 94086, 95051 and 95054 were tested positive for the virus, the authorities said in a press release on Tuesday.

In an effort to prevent human cases of WNV, the county will perform a truck-mounted adult mosquito repellent starting at 11pm through Thursday, July 26th. The ground operation is weather dependent and will continue for about three hours in the affected postcodes, according to Roger Ross of the County Consumers and Environmental Protection Agency.

Ross said that the door hanger's public about the planned mosquito treatment would be placed in the affected neighborhoods. General news has also been provided on various social media platforms, he said

Specifically, the treatment will take place in an area around the Central Expressway and Semiconductor Drive in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, north of Lakeside Drive, E Ahwann Avenue, Almaden Avenue, Alvarado Avenue and Amador Avenue; Adjacent to Peterson Way, Garrett Drive, Oakmead Village Drive, Uranium Drive and Bowers Avenue; bounded on the south by Blue Sage Drive, Erica Drive, Gardenia Way, Fuschia Drive, Lily Avenue, Notre Dame Drive, Monroe Street, Vincent Drive and Agate Drive; and to the west by San Juan Drive, N. Fair Oaks Avenue, America Avenue, E. Evelyn Avenue and S. Wolfe Road.

District officials said there was no need to relocate exposure during treatment. Family members or pets should close and stay windows during the scheduled period.

"People who have chemical sensitivities can consult their doctors," said Ross. "All control treatments used have been approved by federal and state environmental protection agencies and are widely used by Vector Control authorities throughout California."

According to health officials, 292 Californians have died since arriving at the West Nile virus to the state in 2003. In 201

7, California had 44 people with West Nile virus deaths; 2015 was a record year for deaths in the state with 53 deaths.

Authorities say WNV infection causes no symptoms in most people; however, for some people it can cause fever, headaches, body aches, and in severe cases significant neurological damage or death. Adults older than 50 years and those with certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and kidney disease are at greatest risk of serious complications, according to public health officials.

How the public can prevent the spread of the disease from West Nile virus include:

  • Draining or draining stagnant water weekly because mosquitoes lay eggs in water.
  • Drain, remove or turn over anything that can hold water: flower pots, planters, bird baths, toys, cans, gutters, pet dishes, pails and old tires. Fix leaking faucets and sprinklers.
  • Make sure that the screens on doors and windows are tight and in good condition.
  • Do not let your swimming pool water fall below the pump circulation area. A free Mosquitofish placement can be requested through the SCC VCD for neglected pools or ornamental oaks.

To reduce the risk of mosquitoes, people should limit outdoor activities during dawn and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. Those who have to walk outside in an area where mosquitoes are active should use insect repellent and put on long-sleeved shirts and long pants, preferably in bright colors.

For free assistance with mosquito control, WNV or other vectors, residents can contact the Santa Clara County Vector Control District office at 408-918-4770 or fill out a service request online at SCCvector.org.

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