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What about Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo after a memorable night in Kiev? | Bleacher Report

  Gareth Bale enjoyed the night of his life before questioning his future, as did Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gareth Bale enjoyed the night of his life before, like Cristiano Ronaldo, questioning his future. David Ramos / Getty Images

Prior to the 1

968 Olympics in Mexico, the conventional path for a high jumper to clear the crossbar was with the body facing him across a spread called Western Roll. It was indeed a glorified leap.

The American athlete Dick Fosbury came as a relatively unknown for the games to Mexico City. In the end he had revolutionized the high jump.

In the final round with the bar set to a world record height of 2.24 meters, instead of turning his body after his run He pulled up his legs and tilted back to win the gold medal. The "Fosbury Flop" was born and since then adopted by almost all jumpers.

And Gareth Bale

Given the proximity of Zinédine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo on Saturday night to perhaps the biggest goal in the UEFA Champions League, not to mention a final, it would be trivial to recommend Bale's first goal 3-1 Victory of Real Madrid against Liverpool needs its own nickname.

His manager has done something similar for Madrid in Hampden Park's 2002 European Cup final, while his team-mate at the start of the season against Juventus showed his driving safety at the quarterfinal level, ranking her as if one were asked to be a favorite kid select.

Bale and Fosbury's parallels with his technique and origins can be traced.

Both acts required gigantic leaps of faith -f ig and literally. Both brought silence, then involuntary laughter, which ended with a roaring applause. Both were triumphs of imagination. Both were examples of individual genius, in which viewers tried to win back time, as if what they had just experienced was too unlikely to be true. Both had supporters looking for their pines as if looking for a missing program.

It was that kind of night in Kiev in Ukraine.

Bale had only been 122 seconds on the court when he decided to try something out of the ordinary. Has decided; Let that happen. He was probably still a little nervous probably also angry after tacitly passing the previous lesson as a substitute before being introduced to the ineffective Isco. When Madrid's Other Submarines Warmed Up on the Sidelines Bale was not among them: an island.

As a microcosm of Bale's time in Spain, Saturday night was almost the perfect case Study: Frustration and Imagination

It was the kind of goal that will lead the next generation of sports writers to write essays on it in the years to come write. An instant classic that will outlive us all to become a staple of every major goal list compiled from here.

In fifty years, scientists will still make calls to explain the aerodynamics of Bale, which was suspended like time in the air, so that his left boot could hit Marcelo's cross with a hefty, beautiful purchase.

Given the immense difficulty of the maneuver, the delivery of the Brazilian took a distraction to make Bale's task even more difficult (19659005) It was a bit like asking Mozart to write a new symphony with a plastic keyboard to design for children, or to challenge Leonardo da Vinci to recreate "The Last Supper" with an etch a Sketch

"You have no right," said Frank Lampard in BT Sports Studio, as if he were instantaneous would be offended. Rio Ferdinand chose "criminal" as his adjective of choice, while normally unshakeable anchor Gary Lineker seemed genuinely confused.

Agog and Poor fluttered expressively, it was adorable to see those who really saw everything do so

With each repetition, Steven Gerrard looked like he was falling deeper and deeper into Dante's circles of hell. Gary Neville was at the door of Ninth, wearing devil's horns as he watched a repeat of the 1999 European Championship finals on his cell phone.

Real Madrid's third straight win in the European Cup trophy, backed by a win against Liverpool, which was strangely remarkable at the same time, and all points in between, matches the big teams of Bayern Munich and Ajax of the 1970s. And of course the Real Madrid by Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas.

It's a win, a remarkable fourth in five seasons, a total of one 13th (more than any of the other two clubs combined), which will spark many debates over where Zidane's side is the pantheon of the great.

Darko Vojinovic / Associated Press

At least it will, on time. At night, after-game interviews were as breathless as the actions that preceded them. Bale and Ronaldo hinted that this could be their farewell gift to Real Madrid.

After that, the camera turned its gaze to individuals and not to the collective from Madrid, who was running a trophy that is now more familiar to them than the family silver. An outrageous voyeur, it remained on Bale after the Welshman flashed more than a trail of leg to potential Premier League admirer before an unequaled Ronaldo did the full Monty.

At the time, Zidane was written to the press, it was as if Europe's dominant club was being held together by Sellotape. The Frenchman must have felt that he had finished with the hangover before the party had taken place. Real Madrid is an institution, if not political, as the manager is forced to play the Spin Doctor in his immaculate, yet champagne-colored suit.

In what will be a complicated summer for Madrid, what happens to Ronaldo could affect Bale

An exit for the Portuguese could clear the place that Bale desires, although, according to Miguel Delaney of The Independent, the Welsh international is more likely to do so tends to switch to Manchester United if a deal can be made with him His longtime admirers.

However, even United Executive Vice-Chair Ed Woodward could bark at £ 600,000 a week for a 28-year-old with a not insignificant history of injuries. Mangaer Jose Mourinho would be dizzy with the prospect of using Bale's height in defending standard situations.

Given Bale had just taken a match brace from the bench to win the fourth European Cup with Real Madrid. V3.espacenet.com/textdoc? Decorated British in the history of the contest, when BT 's Pitchside reporter Des Kelly, quite legitimately, asked him about his uncertain future, it was hard to remember a famous anecdote George Best used to tell. When he came to Best's hotel room to deliver more champagne, a night porter found the Northern Irishman on a money-strewn bed next to a scant-clad Miss World. He asked, "So George, where did everything go wrong?"

Because of his time in Spain, Bale has so often used a straight club to make inquiries about his future, journalists who ask the question since For a long time he felt that he was bowing with his claws still intact. It was no small surprise that he would be so open to victory if he was asked about a possible return to the Premier League.

Apparently encouraged by his goals, he said BT Sport :

"Obviously, I was very disappointed not to start the game, I felt that I deserved it, but that Manager makes the decisions.

"I have to play week after week, and this has not happened this season.

"I've had an injury for five or six weeks but have been fit since then, so I need to sit down with my agent and discuss it over the summer." [19659005] Even though ESPN's adrenaline in a post-match press conference eased a bit, Bale was not more cautious.

"I feel like I have to play every week," he repeated. "It's something I've always wanted to do, something I should do, if it's not the case then I really have to think about it and sit down and do it."

"I'll do it this summer. Now I have plenty of time to relax, think about things, and see where things are going. "

Bale may be the most expensive player in Madrid's history, but he did not count on it. This season in the knockout phase of the Champions League, he was already in the second-leg semi-final for Juventus in the second half In the Santiago Bernabéu, with his team 2-0 down, Zidane favors he is a strong, explosive option on the bench.

For a player who would almost certainly play the starting team of another team in world football, it is not sustainable situation to play 99 out of 540 minutes knockout. With £ 90 million it seems as much luxury as cashmere toilet paper.

Despite the fact that he came into the game with five goals from so many games, Karim Benzema after nodding over the Welsh scored the first goal of the game after using Loris Karius' catastrophic litter, and then Bales own post, it was hard with Zidane's logic to argue.

[Bale’s] the situation is a bit more complicated, "was Zidane's summary of the situation according to the Daily Express ." Everyone has their own interests and their future.

"This is a squad and nothing will change."

If you read between the lines, it is likely that Zidane and Bale will not be penpals

Zidane has not played too badly for anyone We have won three Champions Leagues from so many attempts, a first, Zidane has one more than any of Sir Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola and Mourinho. He did it, though he's been head coach for a little over two years.

Three are as many as any coach, matching Bob Paisley and Carlo Ancelotti. "For a man, the trio has proven to be a quiet, calm authority, sometimes the best way to get the most out of the giant egos that are being forced into a single locker room.

Some may argue that his unrivaled profit philosophy is often that way It is inconceivable that it is chaotic, almost as impressive as that of squeezing, counterpressure or possession var The whole world was powerless, but for many, despite all the evidence to the contrary, he will always be exceptionally happy and unattainable.

Liverpool Chief Jürgen Klopp did not joke when he said before the match that Madrid's bank would be good enough to qualify for the Champions League.

It is indeed questionable that the distance the Reds still have to run , best illuminated by those who have started, as of those who have not started as Mohamed Salah the cruelest, fickle Fin victim of fate or the pitch-black dark art of Sergio Ramos, Klopp's options were limited to replacing the Egyptians with tears, depending on your perspective.

Once he had put himself across the rough for the still not quite ready to play Adam Lallana to the point that he was practically blue Dominic Solanke, the German would not be human, he would have not casting a jealous glimpse of Zidane as his real counterpart pondered again which of Bale, Marco Asensio or Mateo Kovacic would suit the line best when it became clear that Isco had run his race.

Under construction to Bales acrobatic salvo Madrid scored 20 passes, one less than James Milner made in his 82 minutes before being substituted.

Prior to Salah's injury, Milner, along with his comrades in midfield Jordan Henderson and Georginio Wijnaldum as Toni Kroos prophesied into Madrid's player's entrapment like " animals . " For half an hour, whites in the company of barking dogs seemed to be carrying a string of sausages around their hips.

When Salah left, Liverpool was castrated in every way. The "big ball" football that Klopp had claimed and received was not in the opening third of the game. It was like playing with a slow break.

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