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What Countries Have Legalised Online Gambling?


Although online gambling is still illegal in dozens of countries around the world, there are several countries which have legalised the activity, allowing users to enjoy the fun of online gambling. Let’s take a look at some of the countries which have legalised it.

The UK

The United Kingdom is arguably home to one of the biggest online gambling markets in the world. All gambling websites are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and all operators looking to offer their services must possess a license from the Commission and must adhere to the regulator’s rules and regulations. There are dozens of gambling operators within the UK and hundreds of different websites, all of which provide players with a wide selection of games, promotions, and more. Sites like SmartphoneCasinos provide an overview of available online casinos within the British jurisdiction along with extensive reviews and further information.


Several countries across Europe have legalised online gambling but they all have their individual rules and regulations which are regulated by different companies. Some of the European countries that have legalised online gambling in some way or another include Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, and Belgium.

Again, we’ll highlight that all of the countries here that have legalised gambling follow their own individual rules. Also, not all online gambling activities are legal as bet exchanges are still illegal in France. So make sure to find out exactly what is legal if you’re thinking about gambling in Europe.

The US

Although there are casinos across the US, online gambling isn’t legal in most states. Currently, online casinos are legal in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Online poker is only legal in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada, and online sports betting is widely allowed across the country. The rules vary by state and we highly suggest you take some time into looking at what each state has or hasn’t legalised.

We will mention that right now, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are the two US states that have been working their hardest to open up gambling opportunities for its residents. Anyone within the two states can enjoy online casinos, poker, and sports betting ̵

1; more than any other US state right now! Since this is all still new, you won’t find that many online casinos and gambling websites but you can expect to see a lot of growth here within the coming years and that means more opportunity.

Gambling Operators Around The World

If you gamble in different countries or do a little research, you’ll find that some of the most popular and well-known gambling operators actually run their casino websites in various countries. This is incredibly common with the big gambling operators but less so with smaller companies. You’ll also find that some jurisdictions have their own gambling sites and only those which residents are required to play at.

Offshore gambling is possible but is usually discouraged as it’s likely to be less safe and fair than those websites that are officially regulated. In the end, you’ll find that most countries now allow for gambling.