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What does "Captain Marvel" mean for rotten tomatoes? Early reviews for the superhero movie are in

It's almost time for Captain Marvel the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to beat the theater. The film, starring Brie Larson as the same-named superhero, was long awaited as it is the first female-run movie in the MCU. Early critical reviews for the movie are in, so let's take a look at what viewers think about Captain Marvel .

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What is it about about Captain Marvel ?

The film, which was first announced in 2016, follows Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot. It takes place in the 80s and 90s and shows Carol's team with the SHIELD agent Nick Fury. While most of the details are kept under wraps, we know that Carol draws her powers from anotherworldly source and that the alien Kree and Skrull races will come into play, as shown in the comics.

Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

Although the first person to take the title of Captain Marvel was a man, the recent comic iterations had attracted a woman, Carol, to the costume. It has always been the plan for the MCU to adapt this version of the hero. The Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson was cast in the role and has the Marvel and the film shown only positive.

Angry Comic Fanboys

While the rival DC was exposed to fierce controversy before (and after) the release of Wonder Woman the trolls were particularly rude to Captain Marvel . Prior to the release of the film on March 8, a wave of negative public reviews for Captain Marvel was posted on Rotten Tomatoes by people who have not seen the movie yet. The reports say, "Looks like [sic] is ruining a franchise !!" and claims, "That will be terrible, and yet the critics will praise the movie because they are paid by miracles" [sic]. Much of the anger against the film is directed at Larson himself In an interview with Keah Brown for Marie Claire UK, Larson said she wanted to diversify the journalists she spoke to Film criticism has been known to be "mostly white men," as Larson pointed out.

Obviously, that was a surprise to many online white men for Captain Marvel on Rotten Tomatoes expressed their anger and said, "Larson has made it clear that men do not have to visit this movie" and "Brie Larsen [sic] made a lot of political statements, so does mine political statement [sic] do not see this movie. "

Reviews of the Critics

Despite all this, the first wave of critics has since seen the movie, and it is praised everywhere. Larson has been given props for her performance, and other frequently mentioned elements are the friendship between her character and Nick Fury, the 90s, and of course her cat Goose.

After journalist Markeia McCarty had seen the film, he could not say enough good things about Captain Marvel . She speaks of her universal appeal and says it is "not an exclusive female empowerment film ", but "a strengthening of the self".

While some pointed to the sheer power and ability of the character, Thanos pointed to his encounter with Captain Marvel, while others focused on nostalgia, noting that (kind of spoiler alert!) Several Episodes of Friends are played in the background.

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