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What does that mean for ABC's Tuesday night?

ABC made the shocking but positive decision to cancel Roseanne after the May 29 social storm. Now the question arises, what does it mean for Tuesday night in the network.

Roseanne is canceled and all repetitions have been pulled from the Viacom network. This is a positive step in the networks that support the fight against racism instead of being part of it. With the cancellation of the largest series of the network, there are now questions about what it means for Tuesday nights.

Let's not pretend that ABC does not ride on the success of Roseanne at the Ufronts. Main star Roseanne Barr was the woman who opened the entire presentation. Due to the great success of the resurrection in the 201

7-2018 season, the series was picked up early and held its service on Tuesday evening for the fall season. More than that, the plan was to use the series to launch a new comedy The children are fine .

Just to get an idea of ​​how big the decision to cancel Roseanne was, Tuesday nights had been a big problem for ABC in recent years. CBS has had success with NCIS . With a new show that night, the network needed a show that would be a success. Now there will be a big hole in the schedule.

The rookie is unlikely to suffer as much as the new comedy series. This is a Dramedgie that Nathan Fillion will play and he has his own loyal audience. It's really just The kids are ok that's the problem. So, what is ABC's choice now because it definitely does not (lawfully) withdraw its decision Roseanne .

Change Wednesday evenings?

One of the options is to move Modern Family out Wednesday through Tuesday. This would be a big risk for the comedy, which is going into its tenth season next year. It was far too long on Wednesday night when the fans wanted to move to a Tuesday night. In addition, it will serve as a series to help launch a new comedy Single Parents .

When Modern Family moves, the network may need to consider moving [Alleinerziehende Eltern] as well. But that would mean Black-ish rather a rounding up of Tuesdays. This does not seem likely.

Keeping Single Parents would work on Wednesday, but the series had to move in American Housewife to by The Goldbergs . Then A Million Little Things would be endangered.

The Goldbergs were able to move at night, but this too has a loyal fan base and has taken too long on Wednesday. Do people really want to move?

Let Black-ish take the place?

Another possible move is to put Black-isch into the 8 pm slot instead of the 9 p.m. Slot. This series is certainly a good candidate. Not great, but good. It already has a strong fan base and would not be weird when it comes to putting this comedy to a new series rather than after. The 21.00 clock slot would probably be easier to fill.

The disadvantage is that the following will not be as strong as that of NCIS . That could endanger this series and nobody wants that.

Friday shift?

How about the decision to change the Friday nights? While the programs that were postponed to Friday were among the poorest, they may have enough to support Tuesday evenings for The Kids Are Alright . It's a long shot, but a chance. Fresh Off the Boat is perhaps the better option to work on Tuesdays.

For Fresh Off the Boat there is a lot of support in returning to his office on Tuesday night. This move would also give the series a better chance than the Friday night slot.

Bring a fall season show?

Another option is the introduction of a midseason show forward to fall. Schulte would be the best option. Of course, a Tuesday at 8pm slot is not good, but Wednesday at 20:30 it would be perfect. Schooled is a spin-off of The Goldberg's so what better timing than starting right from the back of his parenting show? This is one of the ways Young Sheldon succeeded The Big Bang Theory on CBS

That would mean American Housewife has to move. Since it's a recurring show, it could possibly survive on a Tuesday night. This could be the best option of all.

Revival of a show?

If NBC had not already saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine this would have been the perfect opportunity. However, FOX has another show that a fandom would like to see: Lucifer . There are now many who are calling on the network to revive the diabolical program.

While Lucifer is currently a one-hour drama, the fans could instead be happy for a half-hour program. May . It could mean another change to the current schedule for it to work!

If ABC wants to keep their own show, fans have asked Kevin (probably ) saves the world . That would not really do anything on a Tuesday night, but it might work on a Friday to bring back [Tuesday Fresh Off the Boat . Just a suggestion.

In your opinion, what will ABC's new Fall 2018 plan look like? What do you want to see, take the 20 o'clock. Slot now Roseanne canceled? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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