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What happened between Todd Frazier and Adam Eaton as White Sox teammates?

Mets Third Baseman Todd Frazier and Nationals Outfielder Adam Eaton was at the center of a feud this week, apparently dating back to 2016, when they were White Sox teammates.

Frazier hinted at an incident in the locker room this season before the game on Tuesday when he shot back at Eaton for calling the third baseman of the Mets "childish" for verbally abusing him on the pitch.

"There are 23 of these guys who know what happened," Frazier said.

When Eaton was asked about it, he dismissed him.

"What did I do, what happened in 201

6?" he asked. "Man, he's like an old friend."

Well, Dan Hayes of The Athletic reported on the White Sox Team 2016 – a season that had suddenly retired due to the dysfunction of Adam LaRoche . The one-year-old son was no longer allowed into the clubhouse to cut Chris Sale the team uniforms – and on Tuesday night revealed a bit more of the backstory between Eaton and Frazier.

Per Hayes, Frazier and Eaton entered a clubhouse fight in August when Frazier's "loud jersey attitude" collided with Eaton's "Grinder mentality" amidst a team-wide meltdown.

Eaton, who has been involved in several clashes with teammates this season, has moved his locker away from Frazier. Asked by reporters why, he told them it was because of a withdrawal targeting his locker.

Frazier and Eaton faced each other in front of the game on Tuesday in the infield and held a civil conversation.

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