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What is Rosario Dawson's net worth and what is she most famous for?

Rosario Dawson was born on May 9, 1979. Her mother was a singer and her father was not in the picture. She grew up in New York City and quickly discovered she had a talent for acting. At 15, she landed her first film role.

Over the years, Dawson has played a variety of characters and established himself as a vocal and active member of the Hollywood community. So, how much is Rosario Dawson worth and what is her most popular role so far?

The actress had a difficult childhood

It was not always easy for Dawson to grow up as a child. The native New Yorker moved many years to find a place to live. Dawson's family had difficulty paying the rent, which meant that the family often had to squat in empty buildings.

Dawson got her break at 1

5 when she was spotted by director Larry Clark. Dawson was hanging in front of her building with some of her friends when she drew Clark's attention. Clark occupied her to play Ruby in his film Kids .

Dawson quickly developed into larger and better episodes

. Only six years later, Dawson was named Valerie Brown in Josie and the Pussycats. At this time, the 21-year-old actress already had seven films in her stomach. In the following years, Dawson appeared in Men in Black II Sin City and several other films.

She landed her dream role in "Rent"

If there is a role that Dawson has continued to recognize, as it is probably the film version of the musical Rent . Dawson played as a Mimi and HIV-positive stripper in the Broadway classic. Dawson told MTV that there is no way for her to win the role and joked, "If someone else got that role, she would be in action immediately," joked Dawson. "I grew up in the Lower East Side of New York. I grew up on Avenue B I mean, nobody can play this role!

The role made Dawson a household name and opened the door to many other projects. After Rent, the actress appeared in several other films. In 2015 she received the role of Claire Temple in the television series Jessica Jones . She went on to play the character in several other Marvel movies and shows.

What is Rosario Dawson's fortune?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rosario Dawson is worth an estimated $ 16 million. The actress has been in business for over 20 years and has over 90 acting credits. Dawson recently pronounced Wonder Woman in the superman's reign. She is seen in Someone Great and Zombieland: Double Tap later this year.

She is also a political activist

who recently joked with Dawson that fans are happy about it. I've long wanted her to go into politics. The actress has long been an activist for many purposes, including Latino and the Me Too movement. Dawson has never held back in her fight for justice. In 2016, the actress was arrested after attending a week-long demonstration for Democracy Spring.

Dawson has just confirmed that she is with Presidential Hope President Cory Booker

. Could Dawson's biggest role still stand? The actress Rent just confirmed TMZ that she is actually affiliated with the New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. There have been rumors for months that Dawson and Booker are dating, so Dawson's confirmation is no surprise to most. When asked about Booker, the actress said, "I think he's an amazing person."

Booker announced on February 1, 2019, his candidacy for the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. If Booker wins in 2020, he would. Be the first unmarried man to be elected president since Grover Cleveland's victory in 1886. Of course, that's only the case when he connects with Dawson before being sworn in.

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