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What Makes a Business Card Important and How Can You Make an Effective One?



Business cards printing statistics reveal that in the United States alone, almost 27 million business cards are printed each day. This goes without saying that despite the presence of digital cards and social media marketing tools, the use of business cards is still perceived to be essential among entrepreneurs. Don’t listen to naysayers when they ask- What’s the point of giving out business cards when 9 out of 10 people throw them away? Optimists would say, what if that one person who did not throw the card away would turn out to be your biggest client?


If you want to know what makes a business card important and how can you make it an effective one (or one that does not get thrown away), read further.

What Makes a Business Card Important?

  1. A business card provides a first impression of what your brand is all about.

The way that your business card is designed to speak volumes about your brand and your preferences. So, it has to be something that not only attracts attention but also your business card should present information that they can easily remember. And for it to create a good first impression, Print Peppermint suggests business cards should be made from premium paper, with a special finish that truly elicits that “wow” reaction from the recipient. If you are able to create a unique business card, you are more likely to spark more conversations about your brand as the card recipient becomes curious about what’s written in your card. Aside from the professional manners you manifest and the way you dress, business cards also largely create a client’s first impression of you and the kind of business you have.

  1. Giving out business cards jumpstarts business connections.


There is something too personal about handing out cards that make it too hard to ignore. It instantly gives your business relationships a boost as you shake each other’s hands in person and exchange business cards afterward. Real relationships can quickly start as real conversations also begin. With business cards, you will have the opportunity to have eye contact and express your sincerity about your desire to have the recipient of the card as your client or business partner, something which cannot be experienced with digital business cards.

  1. It gives you an opportunity to reach out to your market anytime and anywhere.



Although email marketing and paid media advertisements do help you reach your target audience, handing out business cards is one surefire way to establish connections with the right people. When you’re out of town, traveling or somewhere else meeting lots of people, you can just grab your business card from your pocket and give it to someone with whom you believe will be in need of your products or services in the future. You don’t just tell them to check out your website or your YouTube videos, because they might forget about it soon. But, with business cards, especially the ones that are well-designed will help make it easier for your new acquaintance to remember the name of your company. Even when they don’t read it right away, you know that someday they will look for it in their wallet so they could contact you.

How Can You Make an Effective Business Card?

  1. Utilize the space at the back.


Remember that the back part of the business card does not have to be blank. Make sure the design is original and creative. Whenever you decide to put an image, it has too high quality. Be keen about choosing the right image to be put at the back of your card. Opt for 300 dpi or higher to ensure your image doesn’t look grainy once you have it printed out. If you’re an illustrator, photographer or graphics designer use this backspace to showcase your expertise.

  1. Write a very useful tip.


If creating images at the back of your card is not within your skill set, you may write a useful tip on it. For example, if your company sells roofing materials, write a tip that helps them decide the best kind of roof for their needs. If you are a speaker who gives out inspirational talks to entrepreneurs or to a group of professionals, write an inspirational tip that relates to the career of your target audience. Those who receive your card will more likely to keep it if it has a very useful tip that they can also share to others or apply in their own personal lives.

  1. Make it a useful card.

Have you seen a business card that doubles as a cheese grater? Yes, there is definitely one being provided by a cheese company. You can also turn your business card into a discount card. This way, the recipient will be encouraged to keep it because they know they’ll be able to use it once they happen to visit your cafe, store or shop. Your business card can also double as a key chain. A company that sells plant seedlings created their cards in a way that doubles as a  small pouch of seedlings that recipients can just pour into a pot of soil so it could start to sprout.

  1. Promote your social media accounts.

The back of your card would also serve as the best place to promote your social media accounts. This way, you won’t have to crowd the front part with too much information. The best thing about it is that you can present your social accounts in a creative, attention-grabbing manner.

The survey also shows that almost 98 percent of website visitors do not keep contact information. So, it would be tantamount to asking what’s the point of building your own business website? However, the world of business is not solely based on negative thinking. There will always be that hope that winning one customer’s loyalty, would lead that one person to promote your business to another person and the cycle goes on. And before you know it your network of consumers has already increased at an exponential rate. The most important thing to keep in mind when creating business cards is that it has to look too good to be just thrown away.