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What Oregon's Dana Altman, Payton Pritchard, Paul White said

LOUISVILLE – Oregon lost to Virginia, 53-49, in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday.

Oregon coach Dana Altman and guard Payton Pritchard and forward Paul White spoke at a press conference following their loss.

Here is a full transcript of what Altman, Pritchard and White said.

Q. For both of you, what's going on in the final 5:43? Did not have a field go down in that stretch. What it was what Virginia doing, or what the challenge there?

PAYTON PRITCHARD: I think we just started over-dribbling too much. We just got away, what was ̵

1; what did we get there in the first place.

PAUL WHITE: Yeah, I think during that stretch, there's some possessions where we came down, some quick shots, maybe some Payton said, kind of over-dribbling. But I think I've gotten to the free throw line and maybe some offensive rebounds. But, you know, Virginia does a really good job of just making things difficult and child of stretching possessions out. So I think that's played to their strong suit.

Q. Again for both of you, frustration, disappointment?

PAYTON PRITCHARD: For sure, I mean, we're disappointed. We were right there, down to the wire. We're going to look back on this and we're going to be – it's going to be frustrating for a while now. But the way it turned out to be true, that's it. And me personally, I always want to remember this team and the run we made. PAUL WHITE: Yeah, I think the emotions are high. People coming to terms with this is the last game of the season. This is my last collegiate game, so me and Ehab – I said a couple of things to the guys in the loose room, just telling them, if anything, the character that we've heard. So, you know, we really slugged it out and I think this team is going forward to be a tremendous team.

Q. Coach, could you see what was going on? Is there any way to try it? You've got the game so close, those final five and a half minutes to just try to get a ball to go down.

COACH ALTMAN: I was a really poor job. We've got to get better possessions than that. That's my job. We got rushed a little bit there and just had poor possessions. And I told the guys in the locker room, I let them down there. We needed to have some good possessions. We fought our way back. Just bad possessions. We were in good position, and offensively, you know, we had a couple of turnovers, some late shot clocks. So disappointed in myself, disappointed for the guys. We had a few sets that we just did not execute. But we should have been in a better position than that, and we should have got better shots. I do not want to take anything away from Virginia. They make a lot of people take bad shots. But we did not handle that very well.

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