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What rules did Kim Kardashian follow West's proxy to carry Baby # 4?

We still can not believe that Kim Kardashian West is the mother of four children.

Just a few days ago, the reality star picked up her fourth baby by surrogate mother and could not be thrilled to finally be there.

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After Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had traumatic pregnancies with their first two children, they decided to substitute with their last two children.

Although the woman she selects has to meet all of her needs before she starts the process, there are also a number of rules that must be followed throughout her pregnancy.

Why did Kim use a replacement a second time?

It is no secret that Kim Kardashian West has had traumatic experiences with her first two children.

It was not until Kim became pregnant with her eldest son, Saint, that she had her most difficult pregnancy.

On her website, Kardashian West revealed that she had both preeclampsia and placenta accreta during her pregnancy, and that they could be incredibly dangerous if left untreated.

Although she could eventually give birth to a healthy baby boy, doctors warned the reality star that if she tried to father a third child, it could be life-threatening.

Kim has always said she wanted a big family, and although she was saddened by her diagnosis, she finally confessed that she had made peace with the idea that she could no longer carry children.

Since she and Kanye still wanted to have more children, they decided to start a pregnancy career, and although they were a bit hesitant at first, the couple found that surrogacy was the best thing that ever happened to them ,

The surrogate has a small list of rules.

Although both surrogate mothers, Kim and Kanye, were willing to wear the famous couple's babies, the women had to follow some rules to ensure a smooth pregnancy.

According to TMZ both Kims representatives had to abstain from smoking, drinking and drugs during pregnancy.

They also had to renounce sexual activity in the weeks leading up to pregnancy, including abstinence from sexual intercourse for 3 weeks after embryo implantation.

The replacement was not allowed to go into whirlpools or saunas, was not allowed to be near cat litter, applied hair dye, eat raw fish, and was restricted to one caffeinated drink a day.

The woman must also sign an agreement stating that Kim and Kanye "assume legal and parental responsibilities for any child who has congenital or other anomalies or deficiencies."

Surrogates have additional perks These rules are not too extreme for surrogate mothers. Most Kim rules are based on best practices for pregnant women.

Along with the list of rules, however, the surrogate also receives a lot of perks that carry the child of a famous celebrity.

It has been reported that in addition to the $ 45,000 she receives in monthly installments, the woman also receives pregnancy messages, has a personal nutritionist and cook come to her home and has a personal trainer.

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