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"What the hell happened"

David Jaffe – the legendary creator of God of War and Twisted Metal – wants to know what the hell Sony did with his marketing of Death [19659002denkt] Stranding what many gamers have asked themselves. For those who disregarded Death Stranding in its preparation for release, let's just say it was an anomalous marketing campaign, and maybe that fits in with the fancy character of the game. but from the outside, it's a bit strange to see Sony's marketing team. As you know, marketing for Kojima games has always been cryptic, but Death Stranding has taken it to a new level at times, so Jaffe wants to know what the hell is going on.

In a video titled " Death Stranding Marketing: What do you think?!?" Jaffe explains that you eventually sit down with the Sony marketing team and solve the problem, if one Game comes out marketing strategy. Here, Jaffe notes that nothing is left to chance. In other words, the plans are very carefully laid out. "This is shown in spreadsheets,"
said Jaffe, who at one time delivered one or two games with Sony.

"When I look at what happens with Tod Stranding – and I'm becoming more and more interested in everything they release from Death Stranding, So maybe that's good – but I know that the general consensus out of this trailer (the new Gamescom trailer above in the article) they have released for Death Stranding though I liked it really, many people did not like this trailer. "

Jaffe continues, noting that many expressed their confusion with the trailer, as well as what kind of game it is, which is not at all clear unless They dig further than the followers. "So I look at Death Stranding and say what marketing thinking is," Jaffe added.

At this point in the video Jaffe speculates that one of three things is going on. The first theory is that Sony, as Sony's deal with Kojima, had agreed to hand over the game's marketing approach to the inventor of Metal Gear Solid .

"Maybe Kojima has just drunk a bit too much of his own Kool aid and finds it somehow cryptic, weird, what his hardcore fans love, whom I know as one of them," Jaffe said , "Maybe he's the way she loves it!" "The way many of us love it, but you have to sell it to a lot more people."

The second option presented by Jaffe is that Sony is aware of the slow and complicated nature of Death Stranding who will not jump out of the sales records. In this scenario, Jaffe suggests Sony knows that the game is more esoteric than conspicuous, and while it may be a Game of the Year experience, it is not well suited for simple marketing material.

"The worst case is that marketing is leaning back and people are going to do what the F ** K we do with this damn thing." 90 percent of this game is what you're seeing on the screen right now ( "I do not think this is the case, Kojima is not a jerk."

Jaffe argues that it's hard to imagine that the trailers and promotional materials shown so far are good for anything Sony did not simply hand over marketing to Kojima. and therefore Sony does not know how to market it. Jaffe does not think that is the case, but he suggests that this is a possibility.

"I do not know, I'm looking at this and that thing could be game of the year, but it takes word of mouth to save it because it's a crazy man," adds Jaffe. "I love it, me I'm excited … but if you tell me: Hey Jaffe, you can play tonight ( Gears 5 ) or you could play tonight ( Death Stranding ). "The mood I'm in. I want to play both, this is here (19459008] Gears 5 trailer playing) has written Walrmart, the success of Target mainstream, over everything. Gears 5 ) is accessible, it's fun, it looks cool, this ( Death Stranding ) hangs around in your dorm room after smoking and sitting there marijuana to talk about Universe to Discuss Your Buddies This is a crazy game. "

Jaffe never comes to the third theory, but notes that If he thinks it's cool, that we're in an industry that still has such experiences, and that too, he thinks it's great that Sony is bringing such a strange and commercially risky game to the bank.


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