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What the readers of the liberal leadership held

I just need a word ….. "joke"

Brett Caldwell

I think we are the laughingstock of the world … again … they have to leave their egos at the door and do continue with the task of leading the country.


What a joke. They tore themselves apart for something?

Warren Cross

This mob, who said they are better than the other mob, has turned out to be even worse. Shameful Stuff

Steven Guy


The Dutton mob made an ALP government in the next elections. A bizarre result given the fact that Turnbull's thought was too lab-like. Morrison will save seats, but not enough.


Enjoy the job as long as you can. The Australian policy is embarrassing. No sign of friendship between the two main parties.

Honest Grafter

It's all ridiculous and very tiring. Let's just cancel elections? I preferred Turnbull to one of the other libraries. I expect the work to win the next election after all this.


Shitty. The libhs have lost my voice.


Australian voters elected a liberal party led by Malcolm Turnball to lead this country. A change of Prime Minister without the Australian electorate should automatically be the occasion for a choice.


Egos and factional battles hinder the leadership of our country. Sometimes we get what we want. The popularity contest has gone crazy, although it's a reality, it's not a reality TV!

Andrew Hall

We should have set four years where the leader of the party in power can not be changed. We have to live with our decisions as a country and use the next available opportunity to speak out if we think they did not do a good job. We have clearly defined guidelines and the time to implement them is what we expect from our politicians. They do not see them fighting for the top position and disposing of their leaders at the first available opportunity.

Adam McCann

This is a band aid on a hopelessly shared mess of a government. Personally, I can not wait for a choice to choose this disorder in uncertainty.


If they did what they were elected for, rather than worry about their own interests, the country would be much better off. They should work for the people who elected them and the best for the country, not just for their jobs and pensions, think of the millions of Australians struggling to make ends meet.


Thankfully, this event is over. I've never been a Turnbull fan. I do not support Abbott. I think he should immediately be discriminated against by the liberal party so that he can no longer exert any malicious influence on the party. I think Morrison and Frydenberg can reunite the party and defeat the terrible prospect of a short prime ministry.


A better result than Dutton (I think so!), Too soon to hope that this couple will hopefully grow job and do whatever is right for the country.

James Buckland

  Readers expressed frustration with the turbulence of the past week.

Readers expressed frustration over the turbulence of the past week.

Photo: Fairfax Media

Without even mentioning what the people of Australia wanted … Why was 48-35 not good enough on Monday, but 45-40 is today? We previous lib voters are looking forward to seeing them tank … we predict his primary vote will climb north by 15% of the next election, thanks to dissatisfied Turnbull voters I'm in Abbotts electorate and the whole conversation here is about to go ahead to get rid of him.

Unknown photographer


An embarrassment. The plotters must be exposed and have some consequences. Both Abbott and Dutton should resign if they have a spark of sincerity about a "new beginning." Our government loses credibility every time we go through one of those ridiculous underhanded affairs. Most countries do it once on a blue moon. We seem to do it every 2 years or so, and as a result, our government is a joke. I do not like Shorten, and I do not want an ALP government returning until he and his front bank show the ability to make policy for all and in the long run, not just reactive garbage to crack a few votes or reward a backer , But everything is better than a tough, right-wing LNP government that ignores the views of the majority of people. When will the neo-conservatives realize that most of us are not climate defrauders obsessed with "family values"? If people who are motivated by the politics of hate want to vote for the ACs or One Nation, leave them. We do not need them, and we do not have to give them.


From this result I can not see any stability. The Libs have destroyed themselves and Morison is now the case type for the inevitable electoral coup against them.

Dr. Phil

What an absolute joke the Australian political system is. The elected Prime Minister (Liberal or Labor) should sit for the entire term of office, unless they are doing something illegal or for health reasons. They should not be ousted because their party is afraid of losing a choice. They were chosen by the Australians to be deposed at a poll by the Australians.

Fed Up

Why waste money on so-called democratic elections when the policy chosen by Australians is then abandoned and changed by members within elected parties. It is against the law not to vote, and the law should be changed to prevent a loss of leadership. Politicians are elected not to represent their own interests to Australians!


I am sick on both sides of the Prime Minister's house is stung. No wonder we all turn to independents and smaller parties. Neither Liberals nor Labor are there for Australians, they serve only as deputies for their own ego and their own pockets. I can vote informally for life after this week.

Old Fella

Replaced with Turnbull, that means 6 PM's in about 8 years – which is ridiculous. They should change the rules so that an elected PM (ie a prime minister who wins a federal election) can only be replaced by the party with 75% of the vote. The different factions in each party make it difficult to govern differently. The constant change on both sides means that many PMs do not get the time to really make a difference – and it also makes it almost impossible because PMs constantly watch their backs and appease the smaller factions that once were in power have to.


A bunch of kids throwing their toys out of the sandbox behave better than this so-called adult government. I just hope that now, after they have sorted it out, they all sit down, shut up, and carry on with the task that they CHOSE out and represent the Australians and focus on the THINGS that are important clarify


I was in Nairobi for the last 2 days. As for the spill and its history, the people I've met here are aware and have laughed at the "instability" of Australian politics. If Kenyans think of Australia as "unstable," that says something important. As for the outcome, it would have been extraordinary to imagine that those of us working in refugee law could be relieved by Morrison's PM increase, but in these times of randomness, ScoMo looks like the Tooth Fairy compared to Dutton , [19659004] Michele Clayton

Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg. Hope this duo gets the chance to shine and not be held back by partisan disputes. They are our leaders and must act for the sake of the country. This week, unfortunately, Australia's best interest in what was going on in Parliament was missing. Sad to lose Malcolm and Julie both had so much to give, but it was obvious that Malcolm would never run because he wanted to be constantly drawn and took the middle path to appease both sides of the Liberal Party. Please let our new team start on a strong foot to realize that the stab wound must stop and we deserve a strong government. Good luck


I have chosen Liberal for all my adult life. I have done this because I have come to terms with the party values ​​of the freedom of the individual and of entrepreneurship, and at the same time have been the better economic managers. Today I believe that the party is no longer representative of these things. Parliamentarians today are petty narcissists who can not distinguish between what is good for the country and their own squabbles. I am now completely deprived of a political party that I can believe in. It's a terrible feeling.


Shaking his head. I'm not interested in the Liberal Party or the Coalition, but if they think that will make people vote for them, they should think again.


Regrettably, the freedom of this Australian nation, against whom our Diggers have fought hard to protect, is an eyesore on both sides of the house due to its short-term nature. Using the basics of life as political footballs and feed for short-term gains is coming to the fore. That's the time for Australia. It will not be too long before a major war breaks out in this region, and unfortunately we have a lot of clowns focused on their own short-term fame. So we do not forget.


Consequences of an evidence-based political vacuum – everything revolves around the people and their ego.


I think it is criminal that our politicians consider this to be their personal agenda more important than not just their own party, but also their constituents and their country. The extreme right-wing population in particular seems to be completely immune to public hearing and has now proven to be a traitor to their country.


Paul V.

When the Labor Party changed the Prime Ministers The essence of the party was not changed. When liberals change prime ministers, the essence or party changes. Back and forth from right to middle. I have chosen the last election of the Liberals. I call again for a vote to say to the leading liberal party.

Jevan Steele

I feel incredibly disappointed and saddened. We all deserve better. Once upon a time, we asked our political leaders for leadership and long-term thinking who were willing to work for the good of the nation in the short term. Today's result only reinforces the shame of today's politics with self-promotion, bitterness and shortsighted decisions. It is not democracy where the leadership and leadership of 85 representatives are elected to achieve their own goals, not the votes of millions of Australians. Changes must be made so that this can not happen again.


I think the Liberals need to reconsider what it means to serve in the Australian Parliament. In fact, all politicians have to think about what it means. All parties should work together, challenge policies, challenge decisions, and not just ideology. We, the people, want a working government


What I think, and quite likely what most of us think, is that none of these politicians are interested in what we think. And despite all the flags, none of them seems to really love and want the best for this country.


I'm angry. Another leader for whom we did not vote. Are you giving the public a good reason for what has just happened? Define your lack of trust, the public deserves to know. Such embarrassment for our country. The election has become meaningless.


It is an international embarrassment that no leader has endured a full term. I believe it should be unconstitutional that the leader of our country be elected in the parliamentary hall and not by the people of Australia. Not every member of a party shares views supported by the majority of Australians. I think Scott Morrison is one of them, and I'm deeply dissatisfied with the events this week.


I am very disgusted by the power-hungry behavior of our politicians. They are completely absorbed in themselves and more interested in pursuing their own careers and protecting their positions than if they govern our country responsibly and professionally. This challenge clearly shows those members who are completely devoid of personal morality or principles and who are unable to govern our country !!

Sandra Sitar

Longman's recent election result was the catalyst that triggered events this week. The liberal politicians with marginal seats in Queensland lost their nerve and showed the polling public that their survival and their power are paramount to the interests of the Australians they represent. Similarly, many of these liberal politicians have large real estate portfolios and will do everything to stop negative interest and capital gains tax changes in order to reduce their financial gains from these real estate holdings and artificially inflate property prices.


The events leading to this farce was appalling, and the party is still as divided as ever, judging by the end result. I do not expect Morrison to keep things together long before Abbott


Andrews, Abetz and co. start crying again. An election is needed to flush out the deadwood that sabotaged what a very good coalition government could have been.


I was a liberal devotee, but nothing more. What happened in Parliament this week is a shame. Revenge and egos have completely destroyed a government that should act for the people and not for themselves.


I actually hailed Hon Peter Dutton's challenge. I have been disappointed with the government and for the first time I have not voted Liberal No. 1 in the last elections. Got back my hopes with the party but Scott Morrison really would not dare. I would not vote Liberal again. Will the qualities and intentions of the candidates gradually be painfully investigated


Pointless, and they will certainly spend the next two terms in the electoral desert.


That should never have happened. Why? Because Australians earn better than what we get from politicians. It's embarrassing. New laws should be written authorizing the Governor-General to disband Parliament and hold general elections if the Government of the day is so self-governing

that it can not govern. They would do them a favor. Get rid of the dummy career polls. Bring in ordinary people.


It is a pathetic charge against a self-entangled immature group of politicians. It shows the lack of vision and the lack of courage and discipline to cope with the important changes affecting the electorate. This is the case if you have a political class that consists of employees and consultants who eventually become career politicians. The excess and petty power struggles make it clear that the coalition of Liberals and National Parties can no longer vote in the foreseeable election. I know how I'll vote when Abbott finally does Scott Morrison.

Cliff Smith

The level of self-interest and lack of values ​​demonstrated this week is scandalous.


ugly and merciless. Is it any wonder that politicians have so little opinion in public? I will be very surprised if these antics will not cost you dearly. I guess it shows how far they are from the electorate they represent. Not the proudest moment in our history.


Your job is to work for Australia. You forgot that in your crush to get the best job. Talk to your constituents and come to work for us and not for yourself or your party is toast.


It is the culmination of five years of incapable and ineffective government without a vision to make this land the best possible. The concept of working for the common good of all Australians has been abandoned in a constant struggle for power by members of ideological lords fighting for ultimate control in what is nothing but their own pursuit of personal satisfaction or revenge. We must certainly acknowledge that the political capital in this country has opened up new depths and that many of Canberra's established corporations are inadequately equipped to serve the men, women and children of Australia in the mature and caring way that we deserve. I am particularly concerned about the influence of certain sections of the media, in particular retroactive shocks that have undue influence on our elected representatives and their term of office. We need a fair and unbiased coverage of the facts that do not convey unnecessary bias in their bile and vitriol. Whoever our next government is, no matter what persuasiveness they have, they need a quantum improvement in their game, stop this kind of gimmick, do what they are required to do and start respecting those they work for and their reward pay. [19659004] Malcolm Manville

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