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What They Say: Michigan Wolverines Football on the Way to Wisconsin

The Michigan Wolverines host one of the college football festivals in week four as they open their Big Ten board in Wisconsin. It's a No. 11 matchup against No. 13 (according to the AP poll) and a team all cylinders on the way to a 110-0 victory against a league rival who was under-challenged to this point and needed a double strike clicked. Overtime to escape the army at home.

  Shea Patterson, senior quarterback, has paid close attention to this important competition.

Shea Patterson, senior quarterback, has paid close attention to this important competition. (AP Images)

Pro Football Focus's # 9 college power rankings ranked # 9 in the country and Wisconsin ranked 1


The winner is rated as "The Big Ten's Class Behind Ohio" "State." "and" That "this game will result in the quarterback game, with Wisconsin having a better pass rating if it is flawless and under pressure than the Wolverines in 2019. Jack Coan has done just what he needs with a single worthy toss Win in 2019. If he can bring the field down and at the same time minimize errors, the Badgers should be able to win on Saturday.

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"Shea Patterson has to improve his performance in the first season against Middle Tennessee and forget his home game against Army," they wrote. "If he completes another overtaking game near 86.2, the Wolverines should be able to master the track this Saturday and most likely win. Michigan has the tenth remainder of the season and the tenth remainder of the season The second biggest problem with removing SEC teams.

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Bill Connelly, ESPN.com: Why Michigan Wisconsin is the Fourth Week's Biggest Game and More

Both the Badgers and the Wolverines played only two games after one week, but they left us with both limited and lasting impressions.

If we classify the teams as they have looked this season, without taking into account the previous impressions or assumptions Wisconsin would be # 1 in the country, the Badgers have humiliated USF and Central Michigan, 110 points more than them and 819 meters more than they have, and the next few points they allow are the first since the first quarter of last year's New Era Pinstripe Bowl: They were devastating, albeit against teams ranked 86 and 119 in SP +.

Michigan is 2-0, but the Wolverines are still threatened with the title "Existential Crisis" v to steal on USC. They looked decent in a 40-21 win over Middle Tennessee, but needed a missed attempt to reach the field goal at the end of regulation and overtime sales to survive the army. Harbaugh announced his intention to modernize his offensive on this offensive and brought in offensive coordinator Josh Gattis, but the results have been inadequate so far.

However, it is still early and Michigan is still unbeaten. It's not too late to find traction, but it could be if you can not find it on Saturday.

Heather Dinich, ESPN.com: Seven Games in Week 4 to Shake Up the College Football Playoff

As tempting as it may be Maybe you should not turn off the loser [of Michigan-Wisconsin]. What if they face the Big Ten title again and the loser wins everything on Saturday? (See: Oklahoma vs. Texas, 2018).

Yes, at some point Michigan's offense must find its pulse, and yes, Wisconsin has to "play against somebody", but teams tend to change dramatically and November.

Wisconsin enters this home-league game, a hopeful Heisman trophy and the opportunity to change everything you think you know about the Big Ten race. The state of Ohio is still the leader (49% according to the FPI), but Wisconsin is the only other school with a chance of more than 10% to win the conference. With a win on Saturday that would rise to 30%. The Badgers hit both Michigan and Ohio (October 26) in crossover games to prove they are the best in the league even before the Big Ten title game was played.

Statement that Jim Harbaugh is finally ready to assert himself.

Pat Forde, Yahoo Sports: Are Shea Patterson and Michigan good enough to win Big Ten East after starting the shaky season?

Having scored 14 points against Army On September 7, the Wolverines returned to the workshop for an open meeting to try to fulfill the promise of a newly discovered offensive in the first year of coordinator Josh Gattis. However, the week before the competition also gave media critics, frustrated fans and frustrated players more time to engage in the shaky performance against Army.

"It was a win on paper," said Security Officer Josh Metellus. "It was not a victory for us."

This clearly differs from Patterson's statement that there would be no excuse for the 2-0 win. On the other hand, Patterson is a crowfoot type that is noticeably smaller than its specified height, but has a wealth of self-confidence.

Actually, it's the self-confidence of a quarterback for a lifetime. Patterson joked that his confidence in the fifth grade was somewhat shaken when his father was his coach, but since then no more. He was literally a football player around the world – growing up in Toledo, then playing high school ball in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Complement the curriculum vitae of two colleges on a winding journey that has made him the # 1 pro-style quarterback recruits in the 2015 class a threatening question mark in 2019.

Is he good enough to lead Michigan to one? Big Ten East title?

The Wisconsin game could provide the answer. If things are not going well, maybe it's time Dylan McCaffrey came in as a substitute.

Shawn Windsor, Detroit Free Press : Michigan football is not yet in a state of emergency, but a victory would certainly be nice

Perhaps to satisfy (for the time being) part of the Wolverines fanbase, yes, It is a must-win game. However, a loss does not end the season. It may be a Big Ten game, but the Badgers are still playing in the West Division, which means defeat against them will not affect U-M's chances in the East.

Will it undermine your confidence in her? A little. It is a racing game against a high-ranking team that can beat the Wolverines.

No, this is not a final exam on the state of the program. U-M will have more chances to show where it is this season.

Ohio State, anyone?

A victory over the No. 14 Badgers, however, could put the # 10 Wolverine in the kind of season they deem possible, and give Harbaugh a unique victory on the road. It helps that he had an extra week to prepare, which means he had more time to further refine his revised offense.

Aaron McMann, MLive: Michigan Wins the Key to Defeating Wisconsin

Michigan wins when it comes to football (one or more sales) and completes five games in excess of 25 yards or more. There will be penalties on the street, especially when trying to commit a new offense on the street. But they have to be limited. The Wolverines' sales problems in the first two games are well documented and must be kept to a minimum. Everything that is more than one and drops Michigan's odds.

On the other hand, Michigan loses the football game if the offense is still punished five or six times and the football is scored three or more times. The offense can no longer earn points in sales and expects a Big Ten opponent to be defeated on the road. Repeating the Army game would not only mean defeat, but it would also be ugly.

Orion Sang, Detroit Free Press : Scouting Report, Forecast for Michigan in Wisconsin

Enforce it: The Wolverines have never really shut Taylor down; Even with their convincing win last season, the average was 5.9 yards per carry. The key to U-M in this game: stopping Wisconsin's passing game. In the first round of the game, the Badgers were stopped after a 3-meter run in third and fifth place at 46. The second trip ended in a similar fashion: they passed the midfield, only to move forward after an incomplete pass on the first descent and a sack on the third and long. On the third and fifth rides, both of which ended in one fell swoop, the Badgers passed the ball in low-clearance situations and in second, third, and long-distance situations without success. And of course, Michigan came down with two interceptions. The easiest way to slow down Wisconsin: Force the offense to get Taylor out of the way.

Patterson in the running game: Michigan released its Arc Zone reading package against the Badgers last fall and successfully integrated Patterson into the running game. Michigan's first race started with a Patterson 81-yard run – a huge win that set the tone for the rest of the night. The Wolverines are still attacking this game and are successfully using it against the state of Middle Tennessee, but the army has shut it down. The Badgers will be ready for that, too. If Wisconsin is sold out to stop the game, Michigan has to be ready to counter – or it may be harder for him to play the ball than last fall.

Jim Polzin, Wisconsin State Journal: ] Who's ahead when the Wisconsin Badgers take on the Michigan Wolverines at the Big Ten Opener?

The defense of the Wolverines was great under coordinator Don Brown, who joined the staff after the 2015 season. Michigan has not found a way to stop the UW jam Jonathan Taylor (above) – 233 yards on 36 carry in two games – but he has made the Badgers one-dimensional in three games under Brown's guidance.

UW has just completed 39.1 percent of his passes – 25 of 64 – for 331 yards with three touchdowns and five interceptions in these games.

This will be the first major test for the entire UW offensive, but especially for the offensive line. Michigan had to replace a handful of stars from its 2018 unit, but seniors Khaleke Hudson, Devin Gill, Lavert Hill and Josh Metellus are athletic playmakers who can put the Badgers in uncomfortable positions.

… UW has converted 65.4 percent of its shares to third down (17 out of 26), which leads the nation. But the Badgers have had problems in this category in their last three games against Michigan, a total of 11 out of 41 (26.8 percent).

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