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What to Expect in Fortnite Update v9.10

The Fortnite v9.10 update will take place tomorrow and here is what to expect.

Epic update Fortnite on a weekly basis. You have announced the time and date of the v9.10 update, which is expected to take place tomorrow, May 22nd. They also announced that the downtime for this update will be extended, which could mean a larger download. For tips on downloading the update faster, see here . Here's what to expect in tomorrow's update.

Fortnite x Michael Jordan Collaboration

As with most updates, the MOTD (Message of the Day) has also been updated to check what will come in the next update when the MOTD shows a weapon or item being added , they teased the collaboration with Michael Jordan with the description "Game Recognition Game" .

  Game Recognition Game Drop In Tomorrow
Game Recognition Game Drop In Tomorrow

Aside from the teaser, there is not much information that has been released for this collaboration. Therefore, we do not know how long this event will take. There may be a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) for the event, with challenges that could offer players exclusive rewards, similar to the recently completed Jon Wick collaboration. When a Michael Jordan skin / outfit is added to the Item Shop, it will most likely be updated at the end of the shop downtime.

Fortnite Basketball Skins

We should also see the Triple Threat and Jumpshot skins in the shop that have not been seen for 316 days. It is possible that after the update new basketball skins will be added to the shop. However, we have to wait and see if this is the case.

  Fortnite Basketball Skins - Jump and Triple Threat
Fortnite Basketball Skins – Jumpshot & Triple Threat

Sky Platform changes

Content continues under the display The main change that caused problems is that the slipstreams are disabled after the fifth storm period. This change was implemented as it caused some problems in the late game world where players were unexpectedly pulled back into the storm. Disabling Slipstream after the fifth phase was the best option to fix this problem. However, the Sky platforms added this season also use the Slipstream feature to move them up and down.

  Fortnite Season 9 (V9.00) Map Changes - Sky Decks
Fortnite Season 9 (V9.00) Map Changes – Sky Decks

There have been many cases Reported by players they've forgotten The slipstreams have been disabled and try to use the slipstream to get off the platforms just to fall to their deaths. Players are unaware that the slipstreams do not work on the platforms because the platforms look exactly the same and give players the illusion that the slipstreams are still working when they are actually disabled.

The Fortnite community has asked for some kind of ad when the slipstreams were disabled. Some request that a visual notice be displayed if they have been disabled. Some just ask that the Sky platforms be changed visually to indicate that the Slipstreams are no longer active.

  Fortnite Sky Platform Slipstream Disabled Concept on u / MrRedii
Fortnite Sky Platform Slipstream Disabled Concept on u / MrRedii

Eric Williamson, Design Lead at Epic Games, responded to one of the suggestions for Reddit with the following comment: "Thank you for the feedback. We are aware that it is not an ideal visual feedback when it is off, but it wears off. An attempt was made to get the change out as quickly as possible. In the future, the fan blades should not be rotated anymore, and the violet part (which lights up) should look like it was switched off.

Sean Hamilton, (also known as MrPopoTFS) community coordinator at Epic Games, responded to another Reddit expressed concerns over obstructing the slipstreams with the following words: "Hey there! Would you like to confirm that we are working on making visual adjustments to illustrate the shutdown? In the meantime, caution is required!

Fortnite Item Shop Undo Feature

In the past, there were many issues where players claimed to have accidentally purchased a skin in the store when they were looking at it. There is currently a refund system. However, with only three lifelong reimbursement stamps available, players have been asking for a better solution for accidental purchases. Epic announced last season to introduce an undo feature that allows players to refund items for a limited time. This feature will be added in the update to version 9.10. For more information about the undo function see .

UPDATE : The Undo feature has been delayed again and is no longer published in version 9.10, but postponed to The v9.20 update, unless found before publishing any further issues. DanDaDaDanDan, an engineer at Epic Games, said the reason for the delay was a last minute problem. "We found a last-minute issue that forced us to postpone this issue to version 9.20."

  Fortnite screen confirming the purchase of items
Fortnite Item Acceptance Confirmation Screen

Audio Bug Fixes and Improvements

There were many problems with the audio in Fortnite, and the Epic audio team was working on improvements. There are many fixes and improvements that will be implemented in the 9.10 update. The full list of changes / improvements made can be found here .

  Fortnite audio fixes
Fortnite audio fixes

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