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What Trey Gowdy is doing wrong with the Müller investigation

"Russia is currently not being violated by this investigation, we are, this country is being injured … we need to see the evidence, if you have proof of misconduct by a member of the Trump campaign." If you have evidence that this President has acted inappropriately, present it to the American people. There is an old adage that justice can be delayed if it is rejected. I think at the moment we are all denied. I finished it because this country is being torn apart. "

The message is clear: The special adviser's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections – led by Robert Mueller and chaired by Rosenstein – takes too long and needs to be completed ̵

1; and fast.

On one Level can be understood as Gowdy's frustration.This investigation has been superimposed on Trump's presidency from the beginning, and Trump himself is completely and completely fixated on it, regularly adopting Twitter as "witch hunt" or "dizziness." And over time Trump's obsession deepens. These statistics from CNN's David Gelles – with the number of times Trump has used the words "witch hunt" on Twitter – tell the story:

May 2017: 3 times

June 2017: 5 times

July 2017: 6 times

Oct 2017: 1 time

Dec 2017: 2 times

Jan 2018: 1 time

Feb 2018: 3 times

March 2018: 2 times

April 2018: 9-ma l

May 2018: 20 times

June 2018: 26 times

The problem for Gowdy is that his frustration over the length of time Mueller takes – and his results – just does not agree with the Facts match. Compared with previous investigations, be it the Select Committee on Benghazi or Whitewater, the Mueller investigation was shorter and more effective by virtually every measure.
Here is a comparison of the Mueller investigation with the Benghazi investigation:


  • 13 months (and counting)
  • 22 people and companies charged [19659019] 75 criminal charges
  • 5 confessions, one person convicted


  • 25 months
  • 0 domestic charges

The Of course, this is not a perfect comparison. The investigation in Benghazi took place in Congress. The Mueller investigation has gone through the Ministry of Justice.

But even compared to other special or independent legal aid investigations, the Mueller investigation was rather short. Whitewater, for example, ran 80 months. Iran-Contra, a combination of Congressional research and an independent commission, also lasted 80 months.

The facts, in short, are not on Gowdy's side. He may want Müller to catch up with the investigation soon. He may even believe that this would be in the best interests of the country. But this investigation did not continue, no matter what Gowdy seems to think.

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