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What was your experience with the Samsung Trade-In program? – Droid Life

Samsung's Trade-In program is one of the best in the industry because it adds value to the smartphone you can trade in later. In other words, you will receive the value for your current phone at the time of purchase of a new phone, not as a credit over the next few weeks. It's fantastic ̵

1; when everything goes well.

I turn to this topic today as we go through the first wave of Samsung barter deals for the Galaxy S10. We are now starting to see feedback on this process and whether it went smoothly or poorly for those who exchanged their current phone for a new S10.

I can tell you that in the 10 or more times we have used Samsung's trade-in program, we have never encountered a single problem. We just swapped an S9 and S9 + for a S10e and S10 + and got confirmation from Samsung that our devices were good. We did that for Grade 9 and S9 when they were released. According to an informal Reddit survey (results) conducted immediately after launching the Galaxy S10, it looks like most (93%) people are like us and succeed.

But it's obvious from the handful of e-mails we received and the poll results on the subject that not all went well for everyone.

You'll find lots of threads and reddit posts from Samsung forums with issues that people came across trading in cell phones. Although Samsung's reasons are different, we most often see that Samsung does not accept a trade (the trade-in requirements were not met) because they think you sent the wrong device ("Device model does not match" ). There are also other problems, such as: For example, wrong factory reset, but the "model does not fit" is a regular one.

  The Samsung device model does not fit

This is terrible for a number of reasons, but the biggest If Samsung thinks you've sent a wrong phone, you will not get the required credit. One of our readers was promised $ 550 for his Galaxy S9 +, just to get the dreaded email in which Samsung claims it would receive only $ 25 instead. That's a huge difference!

It's obvious that most have no problems with the Samsung Trade-In program, but not everyone is so happy. We thought we would open the comments to those who used them to gauge their experiences. If anything, the process you have gone through for a successful trade-in could help someone else.

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