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What we know when federal workers will return and when they will be paid

On Friday night, President Donald Trump signed a three-week financing plan to temporarily reinstate the government after a 35-day shutdown.

About 800,000 state workers either launched the watch without pay or crashed, leaving behind all the missing two paychecks, while many struggled to stay afloat.

So when are they going to work again? According to the Personnel Management Return Guidelines, "All Confident Federal Officials must return to work on their next working day," they are asked "to contact their own agency to find out about communication and recovery instructions of duties. "

The Office of Administration and Budget has published a more detailed checklist for agencies to advise them on how to deal with the reopening. However, there is no specific timetable, but well-planned communication with the staff and the assurance that there is enough staff before the operation resumes.

Overall, the official opening dates for agencies seem to belong to each individual.


9659002] The National Park Service has already announced to reopen its land throughout the country. In a statement issued on Friday, he noted that "the schedule for individual parks may vary depending on the size of the staff and the complexity of operations," but many parks remained accessible during downtime.

The NPS made it clear that closing the parks can not be reopened immediately, but "we will work to open all the parks as soon as possible."

Museums can also be reopened and bring some workers from the state With. The Smithsonian announced on Twitter that each of its locations in addition to the National Zoo will run until Tuesday.

USDA Agriculture Minister Sonny Perdue said in a statement that the agency would be preparing for a smooth return to recovery of USDA functions, "even though no date was given.

The President has already signed a law guaranteeing the reimbursement of all staff, and we will speed this up as soon as possible. In the meantime, we are preparing for a smooth recovery of the USDA features.

With the government owing at least two pay cycles for federal employees' wages, it is not yet clear when the money will be seen. According to the Washington Post, workers are unlikely to see the missing paychecks until next week.

Regarding the USDA repayment, Purdue has said the agency will "move forward as soon as possible".

Friday morning Before the news came that the shutdown was over, the Transportation Security Administration announced that it would grant most workers a "partial payment" for salary period 26. Politico reported that the period around which the stoppage began began in December. 23rd to 5th of January.

As mentioned in a CBS News report, the next payday for all employees will be February 8, and in the worst case, they would have to wait until they receive at least some of the money they owe them but would be the latest possible date.

A senior administration official told the store that employees should address specific payment issues to their respective agencies.

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