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What went wrong for the Los Angeles Lakers this season?

To say the least, LeBron’s marriage with the historic Lakers franchise hasn’t quite panned out well for the NBA and all that it stands for. The Lakers are well removed from the playoff race as James edges closer to his first postseason absence since 2004-05.

Currently, the Lakers lag 10 games behind the eighth seed Spurs in the West’s NBA Standings. The heartbreaking loss against the Nets last week officially eliminated the purple-n-gold from playoff contention. From landing the King of basketball in Hollywood to making him an uncharacteristic spectator come playoffs, what exactly went wrong in this chaos of a season for one of NBA’s most storied franchises!

The very fact that there isn’t just a singular cause for such havoc, makes it harder to rebuild for the future in the first place. One of the highlights was LeBron missing 1

8 games for the first time in his NBA career due to a groin injury (or any injury for that matter). Come to think of it, it was one of the worst campaigns for Los Angeles Lakers lately in terms of injuries to prominent players. Almost every roster spot sat out a considerable amount of time due to the same throughout the year. The NBA standings held the Lakers at 4th in the ever-so-competitive Western Conference before LeBron got hurt. And that is what tipped the domino effect in motion!

Also, the age-old fallacy that LeBron can be chaperoned by an NBA coach of his generation screams of a glaring anomaly. Luke Walton was picked 32nd in the draft class which LeBron led. And here we are, watching one draw plays while the other is still competing at a high level on a nightly basis.

Magic did an average-to-decent job in the offseason of surrounding James with a precarious mix of young talent and veteran experience. However, the massive blunder that stained the Lakers face of loyalty in the process of selling themselves out to bag AD is something that is hard to forget. The Anthony Davis mid-season trade saga did more damage to the Lakers’ NBA standings late in the season than any other tangible factor we can think of. Plagued by injuries and sporadic availability of their role players throughout the year, the despicable feeling of being unwanted amongst their key players was the last hit the team needed.

It would’ve been great TV had the LeBron-to-Lakers fairytale held true to its name, but unfortunately, it was one of the worst train wrecks of recent times. The organization needs a desperate rebuild in the hopes of supplying LeBron with enough backup to bag him a playoff berth in even the worst of scenarios. In more ways, than we can imagine, it’s bad for the NBA when the best player on the planet remains sidelined from the biggest stage there is in basketball.

The league needs all of LeBron while he lasts and what transpired in Los Angeles was just a sad waste of an invaluable playoff run from the best postseason player ever.