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What you can expect from the new Congress, from funding allusions to Trump's tax return

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By Rebecca Shabad


1; When the 116th Congress meets next week, for the first time in eight years, Democrats will have the power to determine the House's agenda Republican in the Senate, they will have the power to protect President Donald Trump: he will depend on his candidates for justice, his cabinet, and perhaps even on his own office.

Legislators will return to Washington for the new meeting on 3 January, when Parliament is expected to hold the official vote expected to be the second to speak for minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California.

The balance of power in the House will shift from a 236-197 GOP majority to a Democratic advantage of 235-199, a swing of 40 seats. In the Senate, republicans struggling with a razor-less majority between 51 and 49 will operate with a slightly more comfortable margin between 53 and 47.

"The time for endless delays and obstacles is over," Senate Majority Representative Mitch McConnell said on Monday he wanted to insist that the Senate vote this week on the appointment of Brett Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Brendan Smialowski / AFP – Getty Images File

If Trump and Hill Democrats Fail to Achieve This In the week to finance the border walls, the first major task of the new session will be to leave the last deal: the remaining spending measures to say goodbye to end the partial closure of the government. And from then on it will not be easier.

Here are some other measures you should consider for the beginning of next week:

The Democratic Agenda

The Democrats of the House have said their New Year's agenda will lower the cost of prescription drugs, the adoption of an ethics reform, the protection of Obamacare and the creation of an infrastructure package.

The first bill they intend to publish is HR 1, which seeks to update the Voting Rights Act in order to simplify the voting process and to require presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns and to encourage states to adopt public campaign finance systems.

The more comfortable advantage of the Republicans in the Senate and the control of the White House means that the Democrats' priorities will barely extend beyond the House side of the Capitol – but the leadership is determined to give members more priority in 2020 than oversight of the president.

Trump's tax return

The Democrats, however, have a long time The Trump list of tasks that has to do with a large task: obtaining the tax returns of the President.

Ways and Means is one of three Congressional Committees that has the authority to demand Trump's tax return, which he has not since released his presidential campaign because he claims he is being tested by the IRS. The other two panels, which have the option of requesting a tax return from a person under the Tax Code, are the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Tax Committee.

Pelosi recently reiterated that the Panel and Ways Panel is chaired by Richard Neal, D-Mass, to decide whether to call for Trump's return.

Neal could submit a written request to the IRS to provide the information. If the Ministry of Finance refused, the House's Democrats would have to decide if they wanted to pursue the tax return legally. If they are received, the chairman would have to appoint the members of the panel as "agents" to read the returns. They would then have to vote to publish the documents and communicate them to the plenary.

The Trump Administration's Investigations

Democrats in the Parliament's Judiciary Committee and the House Supervision and Government Reform Committee have already highlighted a handful of questions and in the first 100 days of the new meeting are tracking the areas in which they respond under Republican control searched but did not receive any answers.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, DN.Y., the incoming chairman of the Judiciary Committee, intends to focus on areas such as border demarcation, electoral rights, the Ministry of Justice's refusal to defend Obamacare, hate crimes against white supremacists, and minority surveillance [Oversight'snextchairmanRepElijahCummingsD-MdFiredawarningshotattheendofDecemberandsent51letterstotheWhiteHouseseveralfederalagenciesandothersdemandingfullcomplianceby11January2019withearlierrequestsfordocumentsfrommembersoftheRepublicanSupervisoryCommitteeonvarioustopics

"Many of these requests were non-partisan, and some are now more than a year old," he said. "The Democrats are preparing for the reins in Congress We insist, as a first fundamental step, that the Trump administration and others meet these republican demands."

Rep. Eliot Engel, DN.Y., the incoming chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Foreign Ministry, said in December, he plans "after the first year hearings on all aspects of Saudi behavior."

Russia probe

The House democrats plan to prosecute the special prosecutor Robert Mueller and Daniel Schwarz, Assistant to Nadler in the Judiciary Committee, protects the investigation he is conducting against Russia's interference in the 2016 elections, with the Republicans blocking a Mueller protection law in the Senate in November, which has been blocked by both Democrats and some GOP members.

Even if a Mueller protection law passed the house, it would increase in the Senate h above, where previously attempted, has met resistance from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

After investigating Russia's interference, Republicans said that there were no signs of a collusion between Trump employees and Russia during the election, Rep. Adam Schiff said that D-Calif has some questions left ,

The Senate's investigation of Russia's interference is ongoing. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr told RN.C. earlier this year that his investigation would leak in 2019 as the panel now intervenes in the matter of collusion, the final section of its five-part investigation.

Burr told Bloomberg News in November that his committee could take six months to complete a final report after completing their interviews.

The Republican Agenda

Senate Republicans will still have the power to ratify Conservative Justice candidates. including the election of the Supreme Court in case of another opening. They will also spend the first half of the year holding confirmation hearings for new cabinet nominees, including William Barr, Trump's Advocate General. Then there's the next Home Secretary Trump has not yet selected. Andrew Wheeler, his candidate for the EPO chief; and the US State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, who was named as the United Nations Ambassador.

Democratic leadership of the House has little reason to initiate an impeachment suit against President Trump – in part because Republican blasts in the Senate are considered unlikely. If the house went into impeachment, the Senate GOP would serve as the president's last line of defense.

McConnell has not yet set any more concrete goals for next year, but the new minority leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. , has mentioned some areas his caucus will focus on under a democratic majority – including permanent tax cuts, securing military service, fighting the opioid epidemic, and tackling public debt – but minority life is the only issue on the list Attacked are those where the priorities of both parties are the same.

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