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What You Should Know About Major Norte to Massachusetts

I think there is a reason why the saying "March comes like a lion" exists. The early March is still associated with winter, and the atmosphere can generate some huge storms.

Although the last day of the meteorological winter is Wednesday like spring, at the end of the work week, a large northeast brews together the early part of the weekend. This coincides with the beginning of the meteorological spring, which starts on Thursday.

This storm has all the ingredients needed for the wallop, but because there is not enough cold air, the rainfall will fall mainly in the form of rain. It's always fun to wonder what would happen if it was colder. Let's just say that this would definitely have been a crippling blizzard when it was cold enough, but it will not be near Boston.

A large and intense ocean storm will hit southern New England from Friday to Saturday. Despite the shortage of snow along the coast with the coming northeast, there are still three more dangers that most of us face in the coming days.

to meet. The storm is fasting on Thursday night and Friday, and you'll probably hear the words "Bombogenesis" and "Bomb Cyclone" thrown around again. Remember, these are meteorological terms that describe storms that sharpen rapidly, with atmospheric pressure reducing 24 millibars in hours. The terms may sound scary, but they are neither new nor unique.

Coastal Flood and Beach Erosion

The norster influences up to four tides: Friday morning, Friday evening Saturday morning and maybe Saturday night. The reason why so many tides are affected by the storm is that the storm will slow down and even be around the area of ​​Nantucket. This is similar to other big storms, including the Blizzard of 1978. I do not expect the damage to be as bad as it was 40 years ago, but this storm will definitely leave its mark on some coastal locations. [196592002]


Coast Guard for Friday to Saturday

If you are someone who has coastal property or coastal interests, now is the time to plan in advance. Take a look at the above GIF. The areas marked in red have the greatest chance of major flooding, while in other areas there is little or very little flooding.

Strong and Damaging Wind

The wind will increase on Thursday night and peak on Friday. At the height of the storm, you should expect the winds on the coast to swell with more than 50 mph. We could even see winds as high as 70 mph over Cape Cod. Winds of these speeds can definitely break down some trees and power lines. The strongest winds will subside late Friday night, but until Saturday it will still be windy.

Heavy rainfall and floods in the interior

As the storm south of New England takes a very slow turn, it becomes Heavy rains come from the sea. This means that we could see somewhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain with some places that exceed that amount. This is enough to cause flooding by small streams and urban streets as well as basement flooding. If you are someone who is prone to basement flooding, check your sump pump in the next few days.

The storm is blowing on later Saturday, and Sunday should come again sunshine. The temperatures will not be very warm at the beginning of next week.


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