The first total lunar eclipse of 2019 – also called Wolfmond – is expected to be both a supermoon and a reddish-copper blood moon.

Basically People Around the World The United States could catch a glimpse of a Super Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse .

In the eastern time zone the total darkness will be visible from 21:36. January 20 to 2:48 on January 21, according to an interview by IndyStar with Brian Murphy, director of the Holcomb Observatory & Planetarium and professor of Butler University.

Eclipse data from NASA indicate that the Eclipse is expected to be visible throughout North and South America.

NASA estimates that the total duration of darkness will be about 1 hour and 2 minutes. The highlight is expected to be at 21:16 EST on January 21, according to

EarthSky Communications, Inc., a Texas-based, science-based online site, is expected to see the show on January 21 as a supermoon or "new moon" or "full moon" closely tied to perigee Moon, which is closest to the earth in its closest Monthly Orbit.

While the moniker supermoon sounds gigantic and the ball may be closer than normal, moons need to be within 90 percent of their proximity to Earth to qualify, but EarthSky authors say supermoons do not actually look any bigger

However, they appear brighter and can increase the tide of the ocean within a day or two of the event, the site said.


According to the full moon turns red-orange as it enters the Earth's shadow.

Murphy told the IndyStar that this red tint will be most visible between 11:40 am EST on January 20 and 12:43 pm EST on January 21st. [19659005Thefirstfullmoonoftheyearisalsotraditionallyreferredtoas"FullWolfMoon"anamethatcomesfromtheearlycolonialeraalmanacaccordingtoTheOldFarmer

IndyStar searches for the lunar eclipse of v on Super Blood Wolf and says that no special equipment is needed.

It's best to see clear skies or minimal cloudy skies, but Murphy said people should move away from street lights and go to their backyards to see the eclipse.

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