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Whataburger swaps iconic A-frame design for a new look

Whataburger, the fast food chain that became the treasure of Texas, is currently being revised. But the famous burgers and fries don’t go away, and the orange and white color scheme doesn’t go away. Rather, the restaurants themselves get an updated look.

Whataburger recently opened its first updated store in its hometown. The newly renovated location at S. Zarzamora St. 7007 in South San Antonio is “a real fusion of the new and the old,” James Turcotte, senior vice president of real estate at Whataburger, told CultureMap.


“We have gone to great lengths to keep in touch with our past, especially in Texas, because we know that people̵

7;s grandparents ate there, their parents ate there, they eat there,” said Turcotte of the company-wide design overhaul. “We do not take this loyalty lightly at all. We will make great efforts to ensure that they feel that Whataburger tradition is still there and is being nurtured, and we are good managers of the brand.”

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