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What's up with Gary Sanchez from Yankees? Why does the catcher sink so much?

MINNEAPOLIS – The wait for catcher Gary Sanchez to pop into his locker for an interview after the match ended about 50 minutes after 8-6 Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins on Monday night in the finish field … Or about 49 Minutes after the fall of the All-Star with two on and one off in the ninth so he stayed 0-5 with two strokes.

Nothing new. Sanchez is often the last to talk to reporters, and he's been on the plate for almost a month in a 2018-style radio.

Sanchez was showered and dressed when he was ready to address his latest stinker, and right From the bat he made it clear that the bad game and his prolonged slump did not have anything to do with injury a third inning swing Monday.

"The hand is good," said Sanchez after the second catcher had intervened in four days and the Twins batsman Nelson Cruz received a base-loaded, non-breaking, breaking RBI that led to a three-run riot and the yankees put in a 5-2 hole.

Then Sanchez once again made it clear that his left thumb, which was jammed in the second game in London on June 30, is okay.

"Si," he said in Spanish.

His momentum is not fine. With 24 homers and 58 RBI, he still leads all the major league catchers, but hits 1

18 bats in 19 games from June 24 to July 22 with a homer, six RBI and 27 strikeouts in 118 at-bats a fifth inning single on Friday night against the Colorado Rockies.

This slump is reminiscent of Sanchez in 2018, when he hit 186 with 18 homers and 53 RBI in 89 games.

What is going on? [19659007] Manager Aaron Boone said before and after the game on Monday that Sanchez did no damage with misses.

He plays with authority, "Boone said. "He pollutes the field. Maybe he's expanding the strike zone a bit more than usual. I think that's because sometimes you chase after a result.

"I talked to him about it." Just make sure that you focus on giving a good punch and not tracking any results. "You drive yourself crazy when you do that." Good Bats, and Gary's talent and swing will be a success, I do not think it's far away, I think it will tighten the zone a bit, and when he gets his pitch, he'll make sure he sets it aside with authority

Sanchez agrees with the analysis.

"There were some good pitching sessions in the zone, which I usually associate with," he said. "At the moment, I've either polluted it or just missed it. "

In the series opening match against the twins Sanchez hit the ball only once as he hit the ball in a row in the fifth inning, he stayed with two on and no one out, in the second he also swung out, hacked a double-play -Grounder with inning-ending third on third in the loaded bases, was too short in seventh and batted to ninth place with tying runs on base.

"The one ball he left hard "Boone," he said, "got a blow to another stroke that matched his punch, and I thought he was going to hit a good punch and fudge him back." That's exactly what he's doing right now gets a pitch.

"I thought the at-bats were okay overall, I do not feel like he hunted a lot, if you get your pitch you have to play it with authority and that's one of the things that he does not currently. "

San chez & # 39; burglary has cost him an average of 40 points and up from .273. 233, and its OPS dropped from .973 to .820 during that stretch.

"I feel he handles it pretty well," Boone said. "No question, you're pretty frustrated when you're driving through a track where you're shuffling and (on the night like Monday) he had a lot of chances with runners on base. I feel like he's wearing it well. I do not feel it gets into his trap. I feel like he's reacting the way we want to see it. But of course it's frustrating, especially if you're as good an offensive player as he is. "

Sanchez has an error of up to 13 points, which is not only an advantage for the catchers, but six times more than for any other American League catcher." The Americans liked his games throughout the season.

Sanchez seems unimpressed. "

" We need to keep working, "he said," Keep working and find a way to get back on track. "

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