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WhatsApp has been hacked, your computer has been uncovered and more news

Hackers pretty much got in on all, and Amazon pays employees to stop. Here are the messages you need to know in two minutes at the most.

Today's Headlines

A WhatsApp Call Broken

The WhatsApp news platform is known for its end-to-end encryption, but the latest news calls its security in question. The NSO Group, an Israeli espionage company, injected malware onto targeted phones to steal data by simply making a phone call. The targets did not even have to pick up, and the call log often did not contain a trace. It seems that the group has only addressed a few high-profile activists – so you're probably on the safe side ̵

1; but you should download the latest update just in case.

Hackers can read data from your Intel chip

Intel – the company – That makes the chips for just about every computer on Earth – has uncovered a security flaw that threatens millions of PCs. The vulnerability could allow attackers to listen to virtually any raw data touched by a victim's processor. No big deal.

Amazon gives its employees money to cancel.

The delivery requirements for the large and powerful Amazon company are constantly increasing. Therefore, in June of last year, the company launched the Delivery Service Partner Program, which allows entrepreneurs to set up their own Amazon system. Now Amazon wants to offer its employees starting costs of up to $ 10,000 to leave their current position in the company and participate in the program.

Cocktail Talk

The Alabama Senate is in a heated debate about the "heartbeat" of fighting abortion. Laws that state that it is a crime to stop a baby if it has a heartbeat. Although the political goals of such calculations are clear, science is much less convinced.

WIRED Recommendations: OnePlus 7 Pro

If you're looking for the best ad on any Android phone – no annoying notch, a bag, and awesome cameras – the OnePlus 7 Pro is just what you need. It does not have wireless charging, waterproofing or headphone jacking, but it also costs $ 700, a few hundred less than the $ 1,000 we're used to on premium phones.

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