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When Ford makes driverless city, District seeks standards for safety, the environment

District officials are urging Ford to meet new standards for cybersecurity, safety and environmental pollution while the big three automaker is working to open driverless transport and delivery businesses in the nation's capital in 2021.

Such standardization at the city level could be limited if driverless legislation, which is considered in Congress, becomes law, experts said. Federal regulators could also try to limit what their local counterparts can do.

But now, district officials say, they will work – by demands or strong suggestions ̵

1; on what they consider their ideal rollout for self-driving vehicles [19659004] "DC currently has this power, and in the future they might not do that," said Bryant Walker Smith, assistant professor of law at the University of South Carolina, who has worked with states on self-driving law and politics.

Ford Leaders Have Created Their Spirit of Cooperation – With the district and other cities using autonomous cars, much of their place is why the company should be viewed as a trusted, long-term partner because of traditional transportation networks be turned on its head by technology.

A Ford The Fusion Hybrid makes a stop on October 17 in northeastern Washington. The mapping specialists of Argo AI, a self-propelled start-up that supports Ford with a $ 1 billion investment, drove the vehicle in manual mode. (1965-00007) On Monday, DC Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) and Sherif Marakby, General Manager of Ford Autonomous Vehicles, also outlined ways they can work together to achieve the city's socio-economic goals Part of the driverless project [19659006] Ford agreed to work with Bowser's Infrastructure Academy, a training initiative for workers to offer "two training routes to jobs," Ford spokesman Alan Hall said. One would be "a pipeline to become a security operator" in self-driving cars that will start on the district's roads from the beginning of next year.

This would also include classroom work, as well as training in vehicles on closed tracks and public roads.

The second opportunity would be a "car technician course that would be a pipeline for a Ford dealer," Hall said

Neither the district nor Ford was specific about how many people could be involved in such training ,

At an event announcing the driverless partnership with Ford on the city's Southwest Waterfront on Monday, Bowser said she had been worried for several years earlier that the city had fallen behind in an attempt to deploy autonomous vehicles.

Asked about potential security issues – given the death of a pedestrian hit by an autonomous Uber in Tempe, Arizona in March, and questions about the technologies and oversight of the companies that develop them – Bowser recognizes the concerns on.

"I'm sure everyone was worried when the car was introduced when we had trams," Bowser said. "When we test new means of transport there will always be a problem, how sure it can be and how safe it is and how we can make it even safer."

"What people do not usually say I wish there was a time There was no car in the car – maybe some people say that – or there was no worldwide air travel where we could just connect with each other, "she said.

Bowser said that in a growing city, civil servants and residents must all Exploring modes of transportation and that's exactly what will happen when Ford and its partner, the self-driving startup Argo AI, work to create a detailed 3D map of the city, how people interact with roads and vehicles, and then driverless cars with safety monitors behind the wheel

Last week, mapping specialists from Argo AI, which supports Ford with a $ 1 billion investment, started aut Driving the Ford Fusion Hybrid in Manual Mode through Northeast Washington as Part of the Mapping Project

"We will be very interested in what the test phase is showing to see if it is something that works for our city," he said Bowser. "Now it's possible that we do not fit into our city, and that's what this test phase is all about."

Matthew Raifman, senior manager of the Ford City Solutions team, said, "There's no reason to think that's the point we're going to take." The reception of Ford's approach and work with the city was "overwhelmingly positive ".

The documents of the district government clarify the aspirations of the city.

After Months of Discussion The Interinstitutional Working Group on Autonomous Vehicles, established earlier this year, has prepared an "Autonomous Vehicles Principles Statement" outlining its key priorities.

The DC government should demand that AVs be equipped with a minimum of industry-standard cybersecurity technologies. 19659024] The vehicles "should help reduce the district's carbon footprint and limit other forms of traffic-related pollution," he continues.

"Driving cars" should only drive on roads where they can operate without exposing people to increased risk. "

And data generated during driverless projects in Washington should, as long as privacy, security and trade secrets are protected, be shared with the city. Such "data sharing requirements should be integrated into regulations and partnerships," states the policy statement.

Officials were also asked about California's demand that companies should disclose self-propelled clashes, even smaller fender gangs, when they occur.

Brian Kenner, Deputy Mayor of the District Planning and Economic Development, said that this issue is being considered The working group

"It's great that we have Ford as our first guinea pig to talk about the information to know that we want to receive, "said Kenner.

Raifman said that when it comes to environmental issues, cybersecurity issues or the district's focus on security and other issues: "Our intention is to support the city and, above all, the city's residents."

"I do not see any problems there, they lay it out," Raifman said even though the company has not yet discussed many of these details with the city, and executives want to make sure they understand the intent behind what the district demands .

And, "If there's a problem with compliance and a compelling reason why it's difficult to report," Ford hopes city officials will use this feedback to inform their policies, he said.

"It's a voluntary, willing partnership, we volunteer and they volunteer with us," Raifman said. "We want to make sure that all parties are satisfied with the way it works."

And where things may not be voluntary – as the city meets legal and regulatory requirements in the coming years – the district could potentially run into federal borders

A bill passed by a two-party Senate last year would, for example, incite local governments to do so to prevent "the design, construction or performance" of autonomous cars.

Senate law has stalled, with some legislators voicing concerns about state and local governments. Proponents say legislation is necessary to prevent a mish-mash of local regulations, and Senate supporters say they are still pushing for a vote.

"In its current form, this legislation would require state and local authorities to oversee any design issue and perhaps even some," Smith said, pointing to the potential to influence cybersecurity, data and other issues. "These could all be withdrawn from the States."

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