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When LeBron places James Michael Jordan on the NBA list of all time, career statistics are in favor of the king

LeBron James has added another pen in the ongoing debate between him and Michael Jordan.

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When the Los Angeles Lakers All-Star entered the game on Wednesday against the Denver Nuggets (19459006) on Wednesday, it only took 13 points to reach Jordan and finish fourth in the match To achieve all-time scoring list of the NBA.

James completed the feat with a left-handed layup in the second quarter and officially pulled past MJ on the all-time list.

Jordan is now in fifth place with 32,292 points and LeBron in fourth place. Former Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar leads the way with 38,387 points, with Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant topping the top three.

James has also delivered a fair share of assists during his 1

6 NBA seasons. The Lakers star kicked off Wednesday night with 8,577 proposals, putting him in tenth on the all-time list, while Jordan had just 5,633 suggestions during his 15 years in the league.

The Chicago Bulls legend averaged 30.1 points while shooting 49.7 percent of the field for his career, spending time with Chicago and the Washington Wizards. Take a closer look at the career numbers for the two greats of all time.

* Pre-match statistics on Wednesday night

Total scores

32,280 (5th overall)

32,292 (4th)


5,633 (44th)

8.577 (10.)

Points per Game

30.12 (1.)

27.15 (5.)

12.192 (4) 11.735 (5.)
Steals 2.514 (3) 1,929 (16)

The biggest difference in the career of James and Jordan was the title of the NBA. Jordan secured six championships – in six NBA finals games – while at the Bulls, while James has just three – two with the Miami Heat and one with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Of course, James is still likely to have several seasons ahead of him to increase his total, but an increase in that number looks unlikely this season, as the Lakers are currently out of the Western Conference playoff image.

James will probably miss the Jordan on Wednesday, as he only needs 13 points and scores more than twice that amount on average. The Lakers superstar has scored at least 24 points in their last seven games in Los Angeles, although the team has won only two of these competitions.

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