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When the departure of CC Sabathia begins, the Yankees celebrate a special teammate

TAMPA – CC Sabathia sauntered through the narrow corridor that moved toward Stein under the Steinbrenner Field.

Between Sabathia and Sabathia, members of his family, the Steinbrenner family and his family Yankee stretched on this journey. This mix felt right, because at the end of this corridor, a press conference was held where Sabathia would officially say 2019 was his last season.

Seats at these events are often filled with sense of duty and peer pressure. Sabathia grabbed a pavilion because in the last decade he had joined so many people, making life with the Yankees easier and more enjoyable for those who came into orbit. He protected teammates on the field, made them welcome in the clubhouse, opened his wisdom, home, and good times to other Yankees.

On November day, he was recaptured by the Yankees in the few seconds following his conference call Reporter concluded, James Paxton received a text from a number he did not know. It was Sabathia who welcomed him to the team. He let the left know what he needed ̵

1; whether it was life or what had to be known about the Yankee ecosystem – just to ask. The two had never spoken before.

"That was pretty cool," Paxton said. "How can I even say what that means? He described me as part of the team from day one.

  Aaron Judge was one of many Yankees teammates who attended CC Sabathia's press conference on Saturday.
Aaron Judge was one of numerous Yankees teammates who participated in the CC Sabathia press conference Saturday, NY Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Luis Severino had a press conference three hours earlier in the same pavilion to sign his new four-year contract Over $ 40 million to discuss and show support, Sabathia recommended his fellow campaigners Paxton, JA Happ, Jordan Montgomery and Masahiro Tanaka take part. When asked what that meant to him, Severino said, "Every time I need something, I go to the CC. He is like a family. Nothing that would be said at the Sabathia press conference could more fully embody the group feeling.

"All I want to remember is like a good teammate," Sabathia said on Saturday afternoon.

Done Mission accomplished.

Sabathia may have to be forced to join the Yankees, but then he never wanted to leave.

Brian Cashman prioritized Sabathia after the 2008 campaign – the first of the Yanks' playoffs since 1993 – because he But Sabathia's reputation was already established – he had always appreciated when he collapsed with the Indians at the age of 20 in 2001, a veteran team that embraced him instead of cheating or marginalizing him, especially Dave Burba and Ellis Burks helped him navigate through the unique habitat of the Major League, and Sabathia vowed to pay that advance.

Sabathia is by nature chatty, fraternal and unfriendly d happy to share his generosity with others. His comfort and kindness are universal – pitcher or hitter, white or black, American or foreigner, beginner or veteran. He sees teammates as one brand. And Cashman wanted that. These Yankees were in transition to a new Yankee stadium and from the back end of the Core Four to something else. The director-general thought the clubhouse had become cheerless, a gap had broken in between veterans and teenagers, and the tension of Derek Jeter-Alex Rodriguez strangled the room.

  Sabathia on Saturday with his family - from left to right, daughter Cyia, wife Amber and daughter Jaden
Sabathia on Saturday with his family – from left to right, daughter Cyia, wife Amber and daughter Jaden NY Post: Charles Wenzelberg

He landed Sabathia with a pitching record of seven years and a pact of $ 161 million. He told the left that he wanted more than just his arm, that he needed the brisk Unite. Sabathia honored this as ace to champion and as a leader to a more sociable clubhouse.

At a time when what was happening in a field was never quantifiable, it's hard to know what leadership means for profit and loss. But as pitching coach Larry Rothschild said, "If you feel good, is your life better? CC makes the clubhouse a better place, and you'll probably get a better result if you start from a better location.

  Jennifer Steinbrenner, general and deputy chairman of Yankees, hugs Sabathia on Saturday.
Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal, Yankee's general partner and vice chairman, embraces Sabathia on Saturday. AP

Adam Ottavino, another newcomer and one of the game's most dedicated players for new data and technologies, said, "Even if it's only a short while here. It's just obvious that everyone stops using CC too speak. We're talking about a potential Hall of Famer that makes everyone move around the clubhouse better. You could meet the old school, and that could be a big hit with young players, and it's harder to do it that way.

Question: If Bryce Harper or Manny Machado tested Sabathia's leadership / teammate boxes, they would do so? Duo was different – with signing in December rather than continued unemployment?

Let's set that up for another day. The same goes for the debate over the Sabathia Hall of Fame. Let's celebrate for the time being the beginning of the end of a player whose powers beyond the hill have the ability to sum up different backgrounds and ages to one family.

"Anyone who has ever played with CC Sabathia," said Austin Romine, "benefited from having him in the clubhouse."

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