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When the staff in a waffle house ran short, customers jumped behind the counter to help

Crispo told CNN that only one employee worked in the restaurant.

He described the cook's face as "confused" when he discovered that he alone was running the night shift.

More than 30 people were there and ate, and there was only one man left to "fend off the incoming crowd of hungry, heavily drunk customers," Crispo said.

He was resigned to going home on an empty stomach.

But a customer finished his meal, asked for an apron, and went behind the counter to wash dishes.

"It was a smooth transition," said Crispo, 24,. "He just broke his butt and helped."

  After a night, a woman in heels took care of clearing tables and stacking cups.

& # 39; It was one of my most memorable experiences & # 39;

Crispo said he asked Ben, the worker who works alone, who the man who is washing dishes is.

It turned out that he was not in the restaurant, nor was he working somewhere in a waffle house.

Another woman wearing a dress and heels also appeared. She went behind the counter to get a coffee pot.

"At first I thought it was out of necessity, as if she just wanted coffee," said Crispo. But she joined as a second volunteer.

The two worked together in a team, collecting tables, stacking cups, and washing dishes. Meanwhile, Ben, the actual clerk, occupied the cash register and cooked on the grill.

The man who occasionally flushes dishes, "Ben had to ask where to go," Crispo said, but otherwise it was as if two strangers, without even talking to each other, had spontaneously learned to side by side with a restaurant to lead.

Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner told CNN that the business had had a bad communication on the roster that evening, and that it had "created a bit of a gap" in the cast.

"We are very grateful and grateful, but we prefer to have our staff behind the counter, "said Warner.

He added that Waffle House restaurants have a special sense of community, recalling a similar time in 2014 when guests volunteered to keep a restaurant running when paid employees could not get to work during the infamous Snowmageddon storm in Atlanta.

But for Crispo it was the first time and it will remain for the coming years, as an example of humankind in its best form.

"I've never seen anything like this happen before, and I'll probably do it again," Crispo said was one of my most memorable experiences. "

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