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When will Cole Hamels debut his Cubs, and other questions that need to be answered

Several decisions are made by the Cubs when four-time all-star left-hander Cole Hamels officially joins them in a Rangers' trade:

How soon can Hamels fuss for the Cubs?

Hamels & # 39; s last start was Monday so he could start on Saturday.

But it is possible that the Cubs Hamels would grant an additional rest day. The cardinals beat. 238 against left-handers and .249 against right-handers. They are 13-14 against left-handers and 38-37 against right-handers.

Hamels is 3-2 with a 2.20 ERA in eight starts at the new Busch Stadium, 7 7/3 innings of three-hit ball in 2016.

Can the Cubs survive in the rotation with four left-handers?

It's no problem for manager Joe Maddon, who recalled last season that while serving as Angels coach, A & S coach Duffy Dyer told him that they did not like the left-handed trio from Chuck Finley, To face Mark Langston and Jim Abbott.

"It depends on the quality of the link and how well it beats that night," Maddon said during the 201

7 National League Championship Series, in which the Cubs in games 1 and 2 with the Dodgers left-handers Clayton Kershaw and Rich Hill were confronted.

If the cubs decide on four left-handers, what about Tyler Chatwood?

Chatwood has more than five years of Major League service, so he can direct assignment to the minors and re main on the roster. He can vote for a free agency when he is drawn, but there is no way he will hand over the stale credit of his $ 38 million 2020 deal.

Without an injury, Chatwood would be relegated to long reliefs and spot launches. This would allow him to press the reset button and devote more time to improving his control under the supervision of pitching coach Jim Hickey and others.

Could Chatwood remain sixth in the rotation?

It is possible, but victories with Slugger Kris Bryant and Brandon Morrow are closer to rioters indefinitely. The addition of Hamels, along with a day off Monday, provides extra peace of mind for the starters as the Cubs complete a stretch of 12 games in 11 days with Sunday night play.

The Cubs also have days free August 9, 13 and 20, so they do not seem to need a sixth starter until they start a run of 23 games without a day off on August 21st.

Hamels also expressed his contempt for six-man rotations in March.

What will become of the 25-man and 40-man raids as soon as Hamels is activated?

If an injury is eliminated that puts a player on the disabled list, a pitcher would likely be removed from the roster. Eddie Butler was the last pitcher to be added to the 25-member squad, but he has no side effects and would have to stay off duty to stay in the organization if he's removed from the squad.

Reliever Justin Hancock will not be ready for at least a month, so he could be transferred to the 60-day DL, retroactively to June 26th.

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