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When would the bears not replace Mitch Trubisky on Sunday?

Coach Matt Nagy had a three-word answer when asked if he was still committed to Mitch Trubisky, third-quarterback quarterback, who was downright miserable until the garbage time of the 36-25 defeat against the saints on Sunday was.

"Yes," he said. "Absolutely, yes."

Unfortunately it is so easy for the bears. They are in a dilemma of their own creation – playing with someone who, at least for now, could be the worst regular start quarterback in the NFL.

If Nagy did not change on Sunday, when would he ever do it? ? Before the bear's last two stages, Trubisky was only 1

19 yards 20 to 35. He was fired twice and had a 63.9 pass rating. The rest was a window dressing that resulted in 34 out of 54 passes for 251 yards, two points for 86.3 passers-by – and proof that statistics are lying.

"Because there are so many parts of it," he said. "And Mitch is a competitor, and I think for all of us, it was just one of those deals you would love to do. You would really love it if you could get the running game going early, early, early, so you can do more things, and we did not.

It was the same all year round. If the definition of insanity keeps doing the same thing and expecting different results, the bears should consider replacing their quarterback in the third year. Even crazier it is to turn the ball with five career starts in a 33 -year-old team and hope for the best.

The most troubling part of the defeat was that the other facets of the team looked so far away from playoff caliber. The bears allowed 36 points. They had blocked one punt, tipped another, and recalled a Saints Punt Return for a punishment.

The Bears are not a slight improvement for Quarterback.

Three weeks after dislocating his left shoulder, Trubisky returned to use with a harness to hold it in the socket. The results were ugly. Until the penultimate game of the first quarter, he led the bears to a first descent. The bear's first eleven possessions ended with five threes, a punt after five games, two fumbling, one security, one touchdown, and one field goal.

In the fourth quarter Trubisky seemed to throw away the ball, fourth, a game he could not remember after the game. He lamented that he had missed Anthony Miller on the third pass in the second quarter, but Nagy quickly pointed out that the recipient was going the route with a false detail.

Trubisky said his shoulder feels "good".

He seemed unaffected by this, except for the inexplicable fact that the Bears let him execute an option that hit his left shoulder.

"I did not really think about it, and I was able to go there and do most of my job," he said. "And [I] just had to do my job better to help this team."

Was he rusted?

"Probably a bit," Nagy said, "but he was not the only one, I mean, we're all there."

Tarik Cohen agreed.

"This is my quarterback," he said. "I'll always be 10 toes behind him, nothing you see on the pitch is 100 percent guilty."

There's a lot of guilt. But the quarterback's future looks so murky like never before.

"I mean, right now we have no identity," Trubisky said. "We're just looking, we have no rhythm, we're not the offense we were last year, and every year is different, every game is different, we just have to find ways, look inside ourselves, and we need people to do it

"I only know how to look at myself first, how can I get better this week, how can I improve myself and improve my teammates, and how can I help remedy this misdemeanor?" [19659021]
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