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Where all the characters land

Netflix's Longest Show, Orange is the New Black ended in Season 7, and while some of the main characters enjoy a happy ending, others have far more tragic fates. Created by Jenji Kohan, Orange is the New Black that debuted on Netflix as one of the streaming service's first original shows, and has since received a large following and a number of Emmy awards.

Orange is The New Black based on the eponymous book by Piper Kerman, who after being convicted of smuggling a suitcase full of drug money has been held in a women's prison. In the show, Taylor Schilling plays Piper Chapman, but her story really was just the starting point for dozens of Litchfield penitentiary women's character investigations. We have accompanied the inmates with a chicken obsession, an illegal underwear production, a prison riot, and maximum security, and now is the time to say goodbye to the characters we've met in the last seven seasons.

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There were so many characters in Orange is the new black that would take forever to say where they all landed, but these are the main characters whose stories are completed in Season 7 – and how these stories end.

Piper and Alex get together in Ohio

  Orange is the new plover and Alex

After Piper is released from prison, her marriage to Alex is strained by the long-distance relationship and both cheat each other. Alex has an affair with McCullough, a CO who gets angry and vengeful when Alex breaks off. McCullough asks Alex to transfer him to a detention center in Ohio, and Alex decides to release Piper and tell her to break up. After long deliberation on whether to stay with Alex or relate to her new love interest, Zelda, Piper moves to Ohio to be with Alex. She gets a job in a café and begins to take courses in civil proceedings. In the new prison there is no wall between them in the visiting room so that they can actually hold hands. At this point, Alex has three more years to complete her sentence before they can really get together.

Pennsatucky dies of an overdose of drugs

  Orange is the New Black Pennsatucky Death

Unfortunately, not every character in ] Orange is the new black gets a happy ending. Tiffany Doggett a.k.a., Pennsatucky, is spending the 7th season of hard learning to complete the GED, diagnosing a learning disability. However, when the time comes for the exam, she is told that she has not received the extra time required because Luschek (who replaced the qualified GED teacher) has forgotten to submit a request. Despite additional tuition by Taystee, Pennsatucky leaves the exam because she believes she has failed, and goes to Daya's gang for some drugs. This turns out to be Pennsatucky's last hit as she dies of an overdose. When her body is carried away from Litchfield, we see a spooky version of her leaving the jail as she leaves.

Taystee founds the Poussey Washington Fund

  Orange is the New Black - Taystee

For most of the seventh season, Taystee has only one goal in mind: to kill himself. After she was wrongfully convicted of Piscatella's murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, she is no longer the happy, bubbly young woman that fans in Orange got to know. Season 1: She asks Daya to commit suicide enough drugs, but the high price delays things. There is a glimmer of hope when it looks as if a notebook written by Suzanne telling her how Piscatella really died could relieve Taystee – but her lawyer says it's too weak to prove. Taystee wants to kill herself when she finds Pennsatucky's body, which causes her suicide attempt to fail. Later, she is about to try again when she sees an envelope of Tamika holding the GED certificates for all the students she teaches, and learns that Pennsatucky actually passed the exam and earned her GED. […] She can actually help people, and she asks Judy King for help setting up the Poussey Washington Fund – a foundation that offers microcredits to women who have just been released from prison so they can get back on their feet instead of falling into the cycle of crime and poverty. In prison, Taystee has a new purpose in providing financial information to prisoners who will soon be released, so they know how to handle them when they receive their money from the Poussey Washington Fund.

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Red develops dementia with early onset

  Orange is the new black - red

Introduced in Orange is the new black Season 1 as a Wild Cave Mother and the true Queen of Litchfield, Galina "Red" Reznikov, is pushed into the background as she is forced to spend a lot of time in the SHU. The combination of this isolation and a severe urinary tract infection induces a delirium state that develops into early-onset dementia. Over the last season of Orange's New Black red is failing more and more until she can not remember how to cook. It is eventually moved to B-block a.k.a "Florida" – where Litchfield's elderly and mentally ill patients land. There she meets again with her old "girlfriend" Frieda Berlin, but does not remember Frieda's betrayal and imagines that they have never met. Finally, Red remembers Frieda and tries to attack her, but Frieda hides in her cell and says that she will simply stay there until Red forgets her again.

Morello loses her baby and has a nervous breakdown.

  Orange is the New Black - Morello

Red is not the only main character to land in Florida. After giving birth to a boy named Sterling in Season 6, Lorna learns from a whiny Vinnie that her son died of pneumonia. Lorna refuses to accept reality and continues to insist that her son live. She even creates Instagram accounts for him using pictures of babies she finds on the internet. Unable to endure, Vinnie decides to divorce her – which Morello interprets as taking his baby away. Their sanity worsens over the course of Orange is the new Black Season 7, and though Nicky desperately tries to help her, she finally accepts that she can not bring Lorna to safety. If Lorna attacks another inmate, this is the last straw and she is put into the B-block. The last time we see her, Red weighs her like a baby and sings a lullaby while Morello sucks on her thumb.

Nicky becomes the new prison mother

  Orange is the new black - Nicky

Retired with Red, Nicky takes on the role of the new "Prison Mom" ​​after asking Red for advice on how he lurks behind bars to care for people. We see her in the kitchen with red lipstick and help a drug-addicted inmate to survive her withdrawal. After Nicky has spent the last season of the show spinning too many records – her new girlfriend, Red's dementia, and Morello's collapse – she finally seems to take on her new role, taking care of the girls who need them, and her own To start a family.

Maritza is deported to Colombia

  Orange is the new black - Maritza

In one of the most heartrending storylines of Orange is the new black Season 7 Maritza is arrested while hanging from the ICE in a club because she does not have her ID. At the ICE detention center, she is reunited with Blanca Flores, who lost her green card after pleading guilty to organizing the riots. When a group of inmates from Litchfield are brought in to run the kitchen at the ICE detention center, Maritza is also reunited with Flaca and asks her for help proving that she is an American citizen. However, when Flaca finally manages to get in touch with Maritza's mother, she learns that Maritza was born not in the US, but in Colombia.

At first there seems to be hope when Maritza gets her hand on the number for an organization that provides legal aid to ICE prisoners. However, Maritza's fate is sealed by an act of kindness in which she records as many copies of the number as possible and distributes them to the other women in the facility. This behavior is detected by the guards and Maritza is immediately deported to Colombia – a country she has never visited and in which she knows no one. We see her boarding a plane with a number of other women and disappearing one after the other. Maritza disappears last. Her fate in Colombia is unknown.

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Flaca helps women detained by the ICE to contact their families

  Orange is the new black - Flaca

Nobody is More affected by Maritza's deportation than her best friend Flaca. As the Litchfield women work in the kitchen, Gloria tries to help women reach out to their families by making notes with names and phone numbers and trying to contact them with their cell phones. This eventually puts her in trouble when she smuggles a phone to the ICE detention center so that Karla, a woman deported to El Salvador, can talk to her sons one last time. After Gloria was released from prison, Flaca decides to take over the work she has done. Maritza wants her to do this. We see her receiving messages from women who stick to their lunch trays and tell them that she can not promise anything, but she will do her best to find her families.

Ruiz will spend time with her daughter again

  Orange is the new black - Ruiz

Maria Ruiz, who was severely pregnant when we met her in Orange's new Black season 1 , had her baby and was almost immediately separated from her. She had a second heartbreak when her friend, Yadriel, said he would not put Baby Pepa in jail anymore because he does not want her to see her mother behind bars. In Season 7, Yadriel reveals that he has started meeting another woman (also called Maria), and Ruiz is naturally furious. However, with the help of Joe Caputo's Restoration Program for Justice, she works to become a better person, eventually apologizing to Yadriel and asking if he can start bringing Pepa to see her again. He agrees, and in Ruiz's final scene we see her alternating with "New Maria" to read a picture book with the names Mi Burro, Mi Burro at Pepa in the Visitor Room.

Aleida May or May Not Daya have killed

  Orange is the new black - Daya and Aleida

Dayanara Diaz, once a sweet girl who liked drawing pictures of anime characters, was shot to the end of Orange is the new black . She is the drug lord of Litchfield and a drug addict. To make matters worse, she recruits her 13-year-old sister, Eva, to help drug smuggling into jail. When she realizes that Eva is twice her age, she goes out with a drug dealer and rages violently at the dealer's home out. When she learns that Daya has involved Eva in her drug operation, there is a fierce conflict between the two Diazes. After Daya Aleida asks if she knows what it's like to kill someone, Aleida slaps her daughter's throat, jumps on her and strangles her. We do not see the outcome of this fight, but it is possible that Aleida Daya killed to protect her younger daughter.

Mendoza comes home and returns.

  Orange is the new black - Mendoza

One of the happier endings in Orange is the New Black is that of Gloria Mendoza, short on the smuggling phone she smuggled into the ICE detention center is about to lose their release date. In a rare act of selflessness, Luschek (who is still feeling guilty about his role in Pennsatucky's death) confesses that he has smuggled phones to Litchfield and forces the women to smuggle them into the ICE facility. He asks that Gloria be spared any punishment before being released on the spot. His move pays off; Gloria is released from jail, reunited with her children, and meets her grandchild. When unpacking, she finds the picture book Mi Burro, Mi Burro which she gives to Ruiz.

19659009] Black Cindy Goes Out and Reconciles with Her Mother and Daughter

  Orange is the New Black - Black Cindy

In Orange is the new Black Season 6, said Black Cindy dating that Taystee Piscatella has been murdered in exchange for early release. Taystee gets her revenge when she sends a letter to Cindy's daughter just before her release, indicating that the woman she believes is her mother is actually her grandmother and her "sister" Cindy is her real mother , This bomb will cause Cindy to move out of her mother's house and become homeless for a short time. After Cindy reaches her lowest point, she decides to do better and meets her daughter Monica and her mother in a fast food restaurant. She promises that she appears from now on and is there for Monica.

Flores Gets Out and Moving to Honduras with Diablo

  Orange is the New Black - Blanca and Diablo

During her ICE detention, Flores sees many deported women, including Maritza, Karla, and Nicky's new girlfriend Shani. It seems that her own case is hopeless, but Karla helps her by telling her to ask for a reprieve so she can lift her criminal conviction on the grounds that it would affect her green card status. Amazingly, she manages to fight her convictions, and she is dismissed as a free woman with a green card. The love of her life, Diablo, however, was deported to Honduras. Although Flores has the opportunity to stay in the US, he instead prefers to drive with Diablo to the "murder capital of the world", and the two have a happy reunion at the airport.

Suzanne Grows Up (Art Of)

  Orange is the New Black - Suzanne

Introduced as "Crazy Eyes" in Orange is the New Black Season 1, ironically, Suzanne becomes one of the Stable characters at the end of season 7. She becomes mayor of "New Cluck City" (the name of the prison's new chicken enrichment program) and looks after a dozen chickens. She collects her own experiences of crime and punishment when an "immigrant chicken" (the villain who wanders around Litchfield) comes into the stable and another chicken shows up dead. First, Suzanne locks in the new chicken, but when another chicken dies, she decides to put them all in "chicken SHU" to stop the violence. The chicken program becomes a microcosm of the larger industrial complex of the prison, where Suzanne and Lolly think about the delicate nature of chicken chickens – "it was considered cruel." She holds a memorial to Pennsatucky singing the Jingle Mountain Dew. During an open discussion with Taystee, Suzanne says that she has realized that she can not control everything and that she is now growing up, and the last time we see her, she helps Taystee lead the financial literacy class [19659009] Sophia opens a boutique hair salon

  Orange is the new black - Sophia

Piper tortures herself with her relationship with Alex She gets a surprising piece of advice from none other than Sophia Burset, who was released from Litchfield at the end of season six She appears for a probationary appointment immediately after Piper and learns that Piper has a gala to go to She insists on repairing her hair first. We note that Burset has opened her own hairdressing salon Vanity Hair by Sophia. While Piper sits in the chair, Sophia advises her to let go of her life in prison and leave it behind.

What happens to the rest of the original characters?

At the very end of Orange in New Black's Season Finale we meet characters displaced after the prison uprising and others we have not seen for a while. The following happens with some of the other old Litchfield inmates – and those who are responsible for surveillance.

  • Gina Norma Yoga Jones DeMarco and Big Boo are in the same Ohio prison as Alex, so she has at least some friendly faces in her new home , We all see them eating and Yoga Jones invites a new inmate to join them. She then begins to give Piper the same "Mandala" speech she has given in the pilot episode.
  • Angie Leanne Janae Alison Soso and Sankey were also taken to Ohio Prison and we all see them outside in the yard. Angie pulls down Leanne's pants for fun. Meanwhile, Alison drives Janae around the track. Sankey – a former member of Litchfield's white supremacist gang – tells Soso that she's been trying to reform herself and shyly confesses a poem that she has feelings for.
  • George "Pornstache" Mendez has his shaved porno box. We see him raise Daya's baby, Armaria (adopted by Mendez's mother and now a toddler), and teach her to play drums with pots and pans. He seems to be a much better father than a CO.
  • Caputo and Fig abandon the attempt to father their own baby and instead opt for adoption. Although Fig first wants to adopt a boy under two years old, they are charmed by a little girl named Vanessa singing Afroman's Crazy Rap.
  • Sam Healey lands behind the counter of a smoothie bar.
  • Tamika Ward is dismissed from her job as a warden and replaced by CO Hellman – though in his final scene it is pointed out that the job will not be fun for him.
  • Joel Luschek is fired after he admits he smuggled in phones.
  • Chang ends up in the ICE detention center, complaining in many ways about open architecture.

Orange is the New Black The last season of Orange was the darkest and saddest, but it ends with a hopeful note, as Piper thinks about how she still loves to be clean – though the meaning of this Word has changed for her. Some characters end up in tragic places, but those who survived at least do not end up alone.

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