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Where is the Müller report? Washington can hardly handle the expectation

WASHINGTON – Update: The Special Prosecutor, Robert S. Mueller III, has submitted his full report on President Trump and Russia to the Attorney General, who now has to decide how much to decide on the release.

The president's lawyer has no idea when the report will come.

Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump's personal lawyer, was sitting alone among tourists at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, leafing through a tray. He held a cell phone in one hand while waiting for the news to arrive long-awaited report by Robert S. Muller III, the special advocate who examined the ties of the Trump campaign to Russia, had changed from one hand to another.

"Stay in touch," he said to the person on the other end of the phone. "Tell me what's going on, okay?"

Like the rest of Washington, Mr. Giuliani is tired of waiting.

"They said it would be at 12:30 or 12:30," Giuliani told a reporter who approached at half past one at 1 o'clock. According to his sources – after all sources – Mr. Müller was too late. All Mr. Giuliani could do was scroll. "It's not going to be Saturday, so you have to do it today."

He paused, "This is the fourth or fifth time a story like this has come out."

And yet, as a whisper In Washington said that the report was about to reach a fever pitch, he still believed that the report would be officially transmitted from Mr. Müller's office to the office of William P. Barr, the Attorney General, sometime Friday.

This earlier expectation took on other conspicuous shapes early in the morning. Reporters and photographers gathered around the office building, just blocks south of the National Mall, where the Special Council has its offices. At least half a dozen news cameras positioned themselves outside the garage, hoping to catch a glimpse of Mr. Mueller driving in his sensible Subaru.

Comrade guides filmed the entry and exit of each car.

Throughout the Afternoon A mix of passers-by – staff and tourists from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the Bible Museum – stopped to watch the cameras, curiously, indicating a colorless, bureaucratic office complex.

"I have the report in my purse! "A woman quipped as she passed by."

When two investigators from Mr. Muller went to lunch, they noticed the collection of cameras and crossed the street.

At 2:00 pm, an increasingly impatient group wanted something of something – anything – that could point to Mueller-related activities near the Pennsylvania Avenue (Pennsylvania Avenue) headquarters as two senior prosecutors who had investigated Trump for curbing the judiciary, James L. Quarles III and Andrew D. Goldstein While walking in the same direction in a BMW sedan, journalists in the Ministry of Justice started filling the press room and ran out of seats, rumors that had slipped on the arrival of a midday report were removed when Mr. Barr was in the underground cafeteria had lunched with the department.

Outside, a single protester stepped into the plot and sat outside Alb of the Ministry of Justice signs saying "Rule of Law," "FBI = Stasi and FISA abuse in the large planters on the sidewalk outside the building. He called the dossier for sale among the few passers-by.

The man who describes himself only as »T. Pardy, "said a reporter, the special attorney's investigation was" the fruit of the poison tree. " Then he started knocking on a five-liter bucket and called out "FISA abuse."

Not everyone undertook such a theatrical approach waiting for the report.

Newt Gingrich, a presidential occasional adviser who vigorously defended the work of Ken Starr, the independent lawyer who examined President Bill Clinton as a former house speaker stated he was a relaxed approach.

"If it comes out, we'll know," Mr. Gingrich said in an interview. "So I do not have to wait for that." He added that he believed that the public would have the opportunity to see Mr Müller's report, with "obvious exceptions".

A more restrained approach was at the White House.

"I have no idea about the Mueller report," Mr. Trump told a group of journalists before he climbed Marine One and went to Mar-a-Lago, his winter retreat in Florida.

The Trump Campaign In a text to the followers came a tougher tone: "President Trump has put up with the WITCH HUNT for two years," the campaign said before being asked to do a survey the time had come to end the investigation. 19659005] Back in the White House, a group of adjutants who stayed in the West Wing and were accessible to journalists turned off the television. They seemed more concerned about a flooding problem that had arisen from the rainfall on Thursday than the contents of the report or the time it would come.

The Air Force One removed the Joint Base Andrews in gusty wind, which could possibly give an indication of what could come later in the day. The cabin of the plane rattled and shook as Mr. Trump headed for the quieter sky in Palm Beach.

Once on board the plane, the President and his helpers were clearly aware of the anticipation of the Mueller report, but focused on the stories they wanted to tell and the news they would rather share – like the President's decision to suspend US Treasury sanctions against North Korea based on his personal affection for Kim Jong-un.

Mr. Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, his spokeswoman, also declared victory over the Islamic State on the way to Palm Beach. Both occupied cards, of which they said, showed that the last tiny village occupied by the terrorist group in Syria had fallen.

When Mr. Trump arrived in Florida – with a bright blue sky and very little wind – Mr. Trump did what President's do. For a small group of supporters gathered next to the plane, one thing happened Crash.

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