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Where Odell Beckham's head stands when Giants' long rebuilding begins

We are exactly a game in the slightly less-gambling and somewhat less-spoken age with Odell Beckham Jr., and although you can heal quickly in this NFL, this is not a quick fix for the new regime, the 1-6 new ones Regime.

Now we find out if Beckham will have the patience to endure this unexpected and franchise-ridden rebuilding, whether he is ready to freeze his New York Giant Beetle in another menacing winter of his dissatisfaction and watched the playoffs who wait for someone who is not Manning, who can tell him deeply and often and experience how to win in New York.

If John Mara ever needs a time to grow Beckham into a leader, it is now, and it will be even more tomorrow, when Eli Manning will no longer be the face of the franchise.

"I've tatted New York all on my back," said Beckham The Post. "My whole back is covered by New York."

And just as he mourns the departure of his friend "Snacks" Harrison and Eli Apple and who knows who the next one might be, the $ 95 million man does not regret hearing, at least for someone.

"I can not take anything back, I do not regret it," Beckham said.

Beckham's Private Catch-1

3: Has He Studied Probability, Maybe Two More Years? his best time – he'll be 26 on the 5th of November – is wasted here before it would be financially feasible for the Giants to trade him?

Or will he acknowledge that the grass on the other side is not always greener? [196592002] When asked if his decision to re-sign would have been affected if he had an idea to rebuild the Giants, he said, "I do not really know, it's not a real sign, I have Signed something, I could be here for another three years … It's hard to think about it and it's really irrelevant to think about it because I'm here and I'll be here. "

So no thinking.

"No, I only wish we have a better record than what we have," Beckham said.

If Beckham needs an example that "hard times are not tough, tough people," he can just look Manning around the room, who never stops saying and doing the right things, even now. Especially now. The same applies to Saquon Barkley.

Beckham can also read a recent tweet from Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson who leaked days after saying that he wanted "desperately" out of Arizona's desert container fire to join the saint, "I was incredibly frustrated with however, my energy is 100% focused on being part of the solution and helping us reverse it, I've never shied away from a challenge and am not starting now.

Beckham Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

"I have always given everything for the Cardinals, my teammates and fans. That's what I intend for the years to come. I'm Arizona Cardinal, and I'm focusing on the game this week.

Beckham read the tweet and said, "I feel it. Be where your feet are. All you can do is give each one in this building every day. "

And then there was Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who tweeted on Tuesday:" I'm a Raider. It's not a "popular" thing to be a raider right now, but it's me and I love it. I love the struggle to fight for our city if not many people believe in us. People can try anything they want to tear us apart, but it does not happen to the real ones. "

" I agree with him, "Beckham said.

Beckham is in his fifth season and has not won a playoff game yet, the Win Now team has never been, and now GM Dave Gettleman moves, to collect drafting spicks for 2019 and beyond.

Asked if he sees where a big-screen map leads, Beckham said, "I have no idea. I'm down here, they're up there. I just have to do my best to make the games I can do and just do it better.

He has learned what a cruel business this can be.

"Snacks were like a brother to me, came and visited me at the hospital, forever lifelong friends, brothers," said Beckham can happen at any time. It's just the reality of our sport.

As Next Man Up.

"It's tough, but there are other guys in this locker room who now have the opportunity to go out and do what they love. "You have to get off," Beckham said, "all we can do is keep going, carry on with what we have in here."

Even though the next shoe could fall in the locker room at any time, Beckham talks about the Giants, their best foot against the Redskins and beyond on Sunday.

"It does not feel dead," Beckham said.

So, we'll learn a lot about Beckham now, if he's emotional, mentally and mentally tough enough, if he decides to be part of the solution and work with Barkley to bring back the Giants, he would still have the chance to avoid naysayers who consider him a legendary diva legendary one day Giant.

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