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Which app do you use for SMS or RCS messages?

Here we have in mind Android Police Messaging between the US carriers who promise a cross-network RCS solution and the discovery of a Google-based workaround that RCS provides through the News app. Whether you're one of those who recently put the RCS switch in Google Messages, an RCS expert with a supported Samsung device on a compatible network operator, or someone who is initially on SMS, you need to use an app in order to do this . (When it comes to RCS, you may not even have a choice.) What app do you use for SMS / RCS messages? Recently, you're probably using Google Messages, although it's not the only RCS game in town. The Samsung Messages app also supports RCS Universal Profile on some device / network operator configurations, and some other standard apps can be used with certain RCS implementations.

However, this assumes that you have switched to RCS. For many, SMS will be self-sufficient as soon as you switch to another messaging service, and this will also ignore those of you who may use iMessage that supports SMS fallback. (Based on statistics, we have many iPhone users among our readers.) And even if you do not use text messaging for personal messages between family and friends, these are still used for things like 2FA keys and dispatch notifications and alerts , These messages are landing somewhere on your phone, right?

SMS is simple and RCS is a complicated subject at best, but you probably know which app you use to send and receive messages on your phone. Do you need to use a specific app to get RCS messaging capabilities, stay with what's been delivered to your phone, or switch to a third-party text message app that you like better?

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