SportsPulse: Dan Wolken and Paul Myerberg talk about the first ranking of the College Football Playoff and what the committee did right and what it's focused on.

The Outrage season is back in college football. The debut rankings of the College Football Playoffs had many rights and abuses, as these rankings always do, and the hope is that the cluttered postseason pursuit will become clearer before the first Sunday in December.

Was Alabama a deserved No. 1? Does Clemson have a case for the top? And what about UCF? The Knights came 12th in the first rankings, six places higher than the team's debut ranking last season, but only one distance from the next undefeated team.

Each week, the USA will make TODAY Sports a joke on the playoff tournament selection commission is right and where it was missing. Here are the takeaways of the first ranking of the 2018 season: [19659909] Right

– The LSU should be ahead of Notre Dame. They have the power to be undefeated: Notre Dame is in fourth place because of their undefeated record, not as the Irish beat singles victories over Ball State, Vanderbilt and Pittsburgh. The Irish still have their way to a national semi-final – they are 12-0 in action.

At the moment, however, number 3 of the LSU earns a lead. Rob Mullens, chairman of the playoff selection committee, did the best: the LSU scored six wins against opponents with a victory record, most of them in the Football Bowl subdivision, and the only loss of the tigers came in 11th place with 8 points , The resume is impressive enough today to ask: Would LSU win the second Clemson with a win on Saturday against Alabama?

ANALYSIS: First College Football Playoff Ranking Shows Subjectivity of the Process

FIRST RANKING: Alabama, Clemson at the top, however the committee has a surprise.

SCENARIOS: College Football Playoff Possibilities from Chaos to Probability

– The state of Iowa deserves to be ranked. The number 24 cyclones are likely to have the worst record of all teams in the top 25 – 4-3, a victory behind the Mississippi State 18 and Texas A & M No 20 – but they are still a clever addition. The state of Iowa has quality losses: by 10 points for both the No. 16 in Iowa and No. 7 in Oklahoma, which suffered a loss of three points compared to the TCU. Each of the four victories of the Cyclones came against teams with a winning record, the most impressive being a 30-14 handling of No. 13 West Virginia. It's worth noting that their current three-game winning streak matches the decision to start freshman Brock Purdy at quarterback. Wise, the committee looked beyond the records of the cyclones to see which is one of the best teams in the country.


Clemson should be # 1. Alabama passed the eyeball test with flying colors A level through eight games that the Pandits are already wondering where the Tide might be in the collegiate football pantheon of great teams. But the metrics are not on Alabama's side. The Tide only has two wins against opponents with a winning record and a team in the top 25, Texas A & M's home. In the Sagarin Ratings, Alabama's strength of the schedule is ranked 60th in the FBS. On the other hand, Clemson has three wins against teams in the top 25: Syrakus No. 19, No. 20 A & M and No. 21 in the US state of North Carolina. At least in recent weeks, the tigers have looked as dominant as Alabama – their last three were won with a total score of 163-20. Clemson has the resume and production before the flood.

At least for now. Alabama would have more than earned the first place as soon as his plan strength improves. That will happen from this weekend.

– UCF is rated too high. The Knights are number 12 on the debut rankings, matching their high water mark of a year ago, but it's hard to see what the committee valued by a team that has one of the country's weakest schedules. Bear in mind that UCF is the only team in the country that does not win against a team with a winning record, as Mullens highlighted on Tuesday night.

TOUGH TASK: Central Florida stands after initial impassable rise over playoff ranking

Required work: The state of Ohio has greater concerns than the playoff ranking.

– Three omissions. The committee missed three teams that deserved to be in the top 25. One of them is 7: 1 in Houston, # 17 in the poll by Amway Coaches following last week's win over South Florida. Another is Big Ten West leader Northwestern, who now wins 5-3 with victories over Purdue, Michigan State and Wisconsin, with a narrow defeat to Michigan (and admittedly a bad one against Akron).

And the third is 7- 1 Utah State, # 20 in the Coaches Poll, who was lost to Michigan State at the season opener by a touchdown but has since scored seven straight wins. The Aggies scored at least 42 points and won at least 10 points in six out of seven wins, with their most impressive victory being their rival Brigham Young (45:20).


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