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Which Duchess really has less freedom?

Living as a member of the royal family sounds like a dream to anyone. Remember, though, that is not always easy. It's true that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton enjoy the benefits that the rest of us only dream of. After all, they have personal assistants, are chauffeured there in luxury cars everywhere, have personal chefs, and travel by private plane to exotic destinations around the world.

In addition, they're both married to pretty princes, and that sounds pretty spectacular. As amazing as the lives of Kate and Meghan may be, there are still strict rules and royal protocols that both must follow at all times. The Duchesses can not just do what they want, which raises the question of which of them really has less freedom.

Meghan Markle has a large celebrity fanbase

  Meghan Markle
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It is important for the royal followers to remember that Meghan, a former American actress, has a large celebrity fan base that will not go anywhere in the near future. Both in the United States and around the world, she will always be popular as a duchess as well as for her roles in movies and the popular legal drama suits . As a former Hollywood star, Meghan tends to do something more in her own way than Kate, taking some risk with her outfit choices and having a well-known, well-known circle of friends.

Prince Harry Becomes King Sixth

We also need to consider that Prince Harry, Meghan's husband, is currently sixth on the British throne. Although it does not preclude him from ever becoming king, it is highly unlikely that he will ever do it. This obviously means that Meghan will most likely never be Queen herself, which means that the rules for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not so strict. That's why we often see them holding hands and why Meghan is not being watched as closely as her sister-in-law Kate. Kate Middleton is a future Queen of England

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With her husband, Prince William, in direct succession, Kate is ready to become a queen someday. She must follow the royal protocol very carefully and never violate the Queen's wishes. It rarely happens that the Duchess of Cambridge dared to change the rules a little, knowing that all eyes are on her, more so than Meghan.

Meghan Markle is known to be a Rule Candidate

The future queen or not, Meghan is known to be a rule candidate, something that will not change since she is an official queen. The Duchess of Sussex is accustomed to wearing amazing dresses and skipping pantyhose, with perfectly incomplete hair and charming but mismatched earrings. Fortunately, Meghan does not bend the rules too much, which is why Queen Elizabeth wants it when she does.

Kate Middleton has less freedom

As a future queen, many people believe that Kate has more freedom, however, can not be further from the truth. Kate is much more scrutinized than Meghan, and the news media would go wild if she did the things her sister-in-law knows about. The Duchess of Cambridge knows that as a future queen she has to respect the royal rules a little more, and she seems to be fine. We're sure that Kate likes to let go behind closed doors, and we can not blame her for that.

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