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Which free games are better?

  PS Plus vs. Gold Games

Free PlayStation Plus titles and Xbox Live Gold Games were announced for June 2018. It's time to play the collections against each other to see which console is at the top of June's offerings. Welcome to PS Plus against games with gold!

Let's take a look at the participants. First the PS Plus Instant Game Collection.

Next up are the Xbox Gold Games that you can grab on Microsoft's platform next month.

PS Plus Free Games June 201

Sony leads the PlayStation Plus lineup for June with one of the best and most challenging strategy games ever. XCOM 2 is a notoriously punishing game, but it's the kind of tactical experience that other studios only wish they could emulate. The only thing holding back XCOM 2 when we checked it was a chaotic technical presentation, but the game is so good that it went through occasional frame stuttering and long loading times. There have been some massive extensions for XCOM 2 released, making it almost a completely new game. So, if you like what you play, you can broaden your experience.

Trials Fusion is a fun game that is easy to learn and play in short bursts, but has a pretty sharp learning curve to nail some of the difficult courses. It's a side scrolling, platformer, stunt racing game, again with just a few games that really can compete with its particular style. The ability to quickly start and restart a level means that these short bursts can become hours and hours of trying to perfect a single track. Trials also has a number of extensions, so you can challenge yourself with almost uncountable (alright, they count, whatever) courses.

There are two games on the PS3 side this month. We have very much enjoyed Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier when we reviewed it in 2012, but it will be interesting to see how well the game has aged over the last six years. Many other shooters have come out at this time and it may not last much longer. Zombie Driver HD is another 2012 best-scoring game, so it feels more like another consolation prize than a real reason to subscribe to PS Plus.

For the Vita, Sony offers Atomic Ninjas and Squares . While there are no great reviews, if you still have a Vita that you play regularly and you're looking for a few games to add to your collection, these are definitely games that can be played on a Vita. With titles like these it makes sense once again, why Sony will discontinue the Vita and PS3 support for the Plus Instant Game Collection in March. Sony has basically discontinued support for Plus's platforms.

None of the games are cross-platform this month, so you get your two PS4 games, two PS3 games and two Vita games. If you're just looking for what's available on the PS4, XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion are your games for the month.

Xbox Live Games with Gold June 2018

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia is the headliner for the games in June with Gold, and given Microsoft on this platform Assassin & # 39; s released Creed games, I would bet that they have a pretty good deal with Ubisoft to bring them all out there. Unfortunately, the Chronicles side games for the series have never been so great, so this is not a massive shot for the month. I'm sure that players will enjoy playing it, but it's not the same as adding one of the better-received mainline games.

The next big entry is a weird one, as it's a free-to-play MOBA. Smite: Gold Bundle is said to have a value of $ 99, and as far as we can tell, there will simply be a lot of premium items in the game to support kick-starts and get people to play to-play titles. PlayStation Plus already had a similar promotion in December, but it was more of an added bonus than one of the free games to win. For the games with gold this month, the Smite package will replace one of the Xbox One games.

Perhaps paired with the announcement of the upcoming team Sonic Racing one of The Xbox 360's backward-compatible games this month is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It was a well-preserved arcade kart racer full of nostalgia and classic Sega characters. I'm really more excited to see this old Xbox 360 game on the list than the Xbox One submissions.

The last backward-compatible Xbox 360 game for June is LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues . While it is likely to have bottomed out in the LEGO games overall, it should still be a fun little adventure that allows Xbox One owners to play it for free.

All four games with Gold June games are playable on the Xbox One

Which lineup is better?

June is a difficult month. Sony probably has the best single-feature on the list with XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion is not a shabby addition. Where they vary is in the PS3 and Vita range, none of which are compatible with the PS4. For PS4 owners, this only means two games this month, though the two games in question are great additions to everyone's collection. PS3 and Vita owners will again be rewarded with a few consolation prizes, a trend that is likely to last until March 2019, ending support for them.

With more than four games in total, Microsoft has more coverage on the Xbox One, but adding a premium package for a free MOBA is a strange choice for getting one of those coveted slots. The Xbox games are certainly not bad, but of all the games I would choose, XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion would beat each of the four games by Microsoft

The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection is regularly pulled down by the "compulsory" and low-volume entries in the PS3 and Vita areas, which sets apart the highlights of the obviously better PS4 offerings. Microsoft also shot itself in the foot by using a full game slot to offer a free bonus game pack instead of mixing it like a side bonus like Sony in the past. However, just this month, Sony has come away with two great and unique PS4 titles that are better than anything Microsoft offers.

Wondering how the July series line up? Come back next month as we compete against PSP's newly announced free games against Games with Gold. Do you agree with our judgment? Which lineup do you think is better?

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