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Which game do you play on Labor Day Weekend?

Team goes to PAX West this weekend! Impressive! We're on a series of panels, running, playing games and interviewing cool people. We even have a Meetup, so if you're in the area, come over to chat with us, your favorite gamewriters.

It's also a holiday weekend, since it's Monday morning. So that's what we are doing to frame this week's community question: which game do you play on this long weekend? For us we are in planes and busy too many demos.

Here you will find our entire PAX West timetable.

Donut County is Beautiful and Also Available for iOS On-the-Go Game

Well, I'll be at PAX West for most of the Labor Day weekend, so I'm limited to what I play on the go can, so Nintendo Switch games. With that in mind, I'll probably continue to play The Messenger. I streamed the indie title earlier in the week and I enjoyed it, but another game has taken all my time since then. Having finished this game this weekend and not having the next review game on my agenda yet, I finally have time to jump back to other titles that I have not focused my attention on. The Messenger feels like a game I can finish, unlike something like Octopath Traveler, which will take more than 20 hours of my life.

I'm dressing up this weekend for the PAX West, where Matt and I fly at Dawn's . (Excited to wake up at 4 in the morning!) As far as my plane game is concerned, I'll probably pick up The Messenger, for which Kat really praises. Dragon Quest XI is also just around the corner, so I'm trying to dive into something relatively light to spend my time before plunging into the beast. I also picked up Donut County on iOS just so I can get those cute iMessage stickers, maybe I'll shoot that one again. Also, I've been listening to his soundtrack non-stop ever since it landed on Apple Music.

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