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'Whisper' laser tech sends audible messages to specific people

The team started with a laser beam. By sweeping the beam at the speed of sound, they found that it could only be used at a specific distance from the transmitter.

"This can work even in relatively dry conditions because there is almost always a little water in the air, especially around people, "said research lead Charles M. Wynn. And if you're thinking that's a good idea, it's fine. "Added Wynn."

The scientists thus found that they did not work in a single place than sweeping, the beam. "There are tradeoffs between the two techniques," said researcher Ryan M. Sullenberger. "The traditional [modulation] method provides sound with higher fidelity, while the laser sweeping provides sound with louder audio." The system currently works at more than 2.5 meters (8 feet), so for the next step, the scientists plan to scale it up to longer distances. After that, "We hope that eventually a commercial technology will develop," Sullenberger said.

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