President Donald Trump insists that his White House lawyer is not a "RAT" like the White House Watergate era lawyer who opposed Richard Nixon and the ongoing investigation into Russia as "McCarthyism " designated. (20th of August)

WASHINGTON – White House lawyer Don McGahn, who during some of his days had extraordinary access to President Donald Trump's controversial business and decisions, will be leaving his post this fall, the president said Wednesday.

Trump announced McGahn's departure on Twitter hours after a report from Axios broke the news that the lawyer planned to leave.

Trump thanked McGahn for his service and confirmed that his lawyer would leave in the fall after the Senate reaffirmed Brett Kavanaugh before the Supreme Court.

"The White House lawyer, Don McGahn, will leave his position in the fall, shortly after (hopefully) ratified by Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court of the United States," Trump tweeted. "I've worked with Don for a long time and really appreciated his service!"

McGahn's lawyer did not immediately return a request for comment. [19659008] Trump did not name McGahn's successor when he announced the departure. [19659008] Axios reported that McGahn would replace Emmet Flood, who defeated former President Bill Clinton during his impeachment and was hired by Trump's White House to investigate Russia, while Flood also worked for former President George W Bush.

The news of McGahn's departure comes less than two weeks after his announcement with Robert McLeather, and McGahn sat down with Mueller's team for interviews that lasted about 30 hours, said one person with McGahn's contact to the office the Special Adviser was familiar with USA TODAY.

Trump railed against the news media after the volume of McGahn's interviews with Bun the prosecutor had been published. Trump said he wanted McGahn to cooperate with Mueller's team, hoping that transparency would accelerate the pace of the investigation, which his presidency has been persistently following since its inception. More: Trump confirms White Household surveyed by Mueller

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The New York Times reports that McGahn Mueller's team in some cases led by Trump's comments and actions have controversial topics that have surrounded the White House.

McGahn reportedly told investigators what he knew about the role of the president in dismissing former FBI director James Comey. He also talked about Trump's repeated criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for moving away from Russia's investigation.

McGahn also talked about his role in the investigation in Russia before the president hired an outside lawyer, the Times reported. McGahn had the impression that the President's willingness to work with Mueller could be a trick. He feared that the president and his team of lawyers could make him blame for possible criminal charges.

This was partly the case during Richard Nixon's presidency. Former White House adviser John Dean cooperated with investigators and became a star witness, fearing that Nixon would make him a scapegoat in the Watergate scandal.

McGahn reportedly threatened to stop when Trump proposed to dismiss Muller last year. He and others convinced the president that shooting Mueller would be a bad idea, and finally Trump promised to work with the Special Counselor's office. Officials told the US TODAY at the time that Trump was aware of the political consequences of dismissing the special defender.

McGahn and other Trump officials had also unsuccessfully attempted to convince Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take control of the investigation into Russia's electorate, and even as the Attorney General became increasingly pressured to apologize, two of them declared the matter trusted officials in January USA USA TODAY.

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